Upgrade Accelerator Framework (DDIC)

Technical Information

Short Text Upgrade Accelerator Framework (DDIC)
Parent Package UACC_MAIN

Package Contents

The package UACC_DDIC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package UACC_DDIC contains 7 database tables.

UACC_BATCH Table to hold the Batch Execution Content
UACC_LOG Table to hold unique log names
UACC_RESTART Table for restart logic of steps
UACC_RFC UACC RFC Destinations
UACC_RFCDES Table to maintain RFC destination to the relavant clients
UACC_STEP Table holding steps with their properties
UACC_STORE Table to hold configuration data for the checks


The package UACC_DDIC contains 6 structures.

UACC_BATCH_DATA Structure to hold the Batch Execution Data Portion Content
UACC_BATCH_DATA2 Structure to hold the Batch Execution Data Portion Content
UACC_BATCH_STEP_RELATION_LINK Describes link betw. UACC batch step <-> application GUID
UACC_JOB_DATA Structure containging Batch Job Scheduling Paramters
UACC_RFC_SCR Screen structure for UACC RFC maintenance
UACC_STEPS_RANGE Range table for ZUAP_STEPS-check_name

Search Helps

The package UACC_DDIC contains 2 search helps.

UACC_STEP_NAME Search help for step name
UACC_USECASE search help for Use Case