SAP Package U134

Data model RE real estate

Technical Information

Package U134
Short Text Data model RE real estate
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package U134 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package U134 contains 182 views.

U_22500 Rental unit
U_22501 Business entity
U_22502 Settlement unit
U_22503 Rental application
U_22504 Rental request
U_22505 Encumbrance/restriction type
U_22507 Comparative group of apartments - rental unit - assignment
U_22508 Real estate object address
U_22509 Service charges apportionment item
U_22510 Property
U_22511 Building
U_22513 Management contract settlement
U_22514 Rental unit debit position
U_22515 Collective Lease-Out
U_22516 Room
U_22517 Room area division
U_22519 Rental unit - area share
U_22520 Land register
U_22521 Section I - land register entry
U_22522 Section II - land register entry
U_22523 Section III - land register entry
U_22524 Real estate register entry
U_22525 Parcel of Land
U_22526 Property appreciation/depreciation
U_22527 Section II - land register entry - change
U_22528 Section III - land register entry - change
U_22530 Room fixtures and fittings
U_22531 Room - rental unit - assignment
U_22535 Service charge key
U_22536 Single-storey heating key
U_22539 Service charge settlement participation - grouping
U_22540 Serv. charge settle. part. - grouping - rental unit - assign
U_22541 Service charge settlement partic. - grouping - determination
U_22542 Heating oil supply
U_22543 Fixed/variable heating costs
U_22544 DME Settlement Unit
U_22545 Heating system - settlement unit - assignment
U_22547 Settlement unit - settlement variants - determination
U_22548 Settlement unit - cost collector
U_22549 Settlement unit - option rate
U_22552 Storey type
U_22553 Linked rental unit
U_22559 Business entity - option rate
U_22560 Maintenance district
U_22561 Property - option rate
U_22562 Building - property - assignment
U_22564 Building hierarchy
U_22565 Building fixtures and fittings characteristic
U_22566 Building - option rate
U_22567 Building fixtures and fittings
U_22576 Comparative group of apartments
U_22578 Compar. group of apart. - comparative apartment - assignment
U_22579 Comparative apartment - external
U_22580 Comparative apartment - fixtures and fittings characteristic
U_22582 Number of rooms
U_22583 Rental unit - apportionment factor
U_22584 Rental unit fixtures and fittings characteristic
U_22585 Input tax - correction items
U_22586 Rental unit - input tax correction items - assignment
U_22592 Rental agreement debit position
U_22594 Heating system - fuel quantity
U_22601 Real estate control. obj. - controlling object - assignment
U_22603 Rental unit debit position flow
U_22604 Rental agreement debit position flow
U_22605 Controlling object - management contract
U_22606 Controlling object - settlement unit - cost collector
U_22607 Rental agreement debit position flow - actual
U_22608 Controlling object - rental unit
U_22609 Rental agreement debit position flow - planned
U_22610 Rental unit debit position flow - actual
U_22611 Rental request - storey type - assignment
U_22612 Rental request - room type - assignment
U_22613 Rental request - fixtures and fittings characteristic
U_22614 Rental request - district - assignment
U_22615 Rental request - area type - assignment
U_22618 Rental offer status
U_22619 Rent deposit type
U_22620 Rental offer
U_22621 Building - area share
U_22622 Business entity - owner share
U_22623 Business entity - work breakdown structure element - assign.
U_22624 Business entity - functional location - assignment
U_22625 Rental agreement - business partner role - assignment
U_22626 Rental unit debit position flow - planned
U_22627 Lease-Out
U_22629 Sales-based lease-out condition
U_22630 Index lease-out condition
U_22632 Rental agreement condition - adjustment block
U_22633 Service charge settlement payable/credit
U_22634 Management contract debit position flow - actual
U_22635 Management contract debit position flow - planned
U_22636 Rental collateral
U_22637 Controlling object - business entity
U_22638 Rent subsidy
U_22639 Rental agreement cancellation
U_22642 Rental agreement - apportionment factor
U_22643 Rental unit inspection
U_22644 Fee Type
U_22645 Event-driven fee type
U_22646 Fixed amount - fee calculation form
U_22647 Controlling object - building
U_22648 Fee calculation form
U_22649 Selection type
U_22650 Real estate management - event type
U_22651 Fee type - condition type - determination
U_22652 Fee type - flow type - determination
U_22653 Fee calculation rule
U_22654 Real estate management - event type - fee type - assignment
U_22655 Controlling object - property
U_22656 Management contract
U_22657 Management contract - real estate object
U_22658 Real estate management event
U_22659 Management contract - settlement item
U_22662 Management contract - fee
U_22663 Building - asset - assignment
U_22664 Property - asset - assignment
U_22666 Owner settlement
U_22667 Owner settlement - object transaction figure
U_22668 Owner settlement - owner transaction figure
U_22669 Building - work breakdown structure element - assignment
U_22670 Building - owner share
U_22671 Building - functional location - assignment
U_22672 Property - owner share
U_22673 Property - area share
U_22674 Property - work breakdown structure element - assignment
U_22675 Property - functional location - assignment
U_22679 Real estate owner cost element
U_22680 Real estate owner cost type - cost type - assignment
U_22681 Rental unit - owner share
U_22683 Owner
U_22684 Land registry
U_22685 Management contract debit position flow
U_22688 Rental application - commercial
U_22689 Rental agreement - maintenance order - assignment
U_22690 Rental unit - functional location - assignment
U_22691 Rental unit - work breakdown structure element - assignment
U_22696 Development plan - property use type
U_22697 Real estate fixed asset class
U_22706 Real estate object type
U_22707 Rental condition type - apportionment unit - assignment
U_22713 Rental agreem. type - sales tax calc. rule - determinamtion
U_22720 Rental flow category - G/L account - determination
U_22722 Rental condition type
U_22726 Real estate expert opinion
U_22727 R. estate expert opinion - increase/reduct. reason - assign.
U_22728 Real estate expert opinion - increase/reduction reason
U_22729 Real estate expert opinion - rental unit - assignment
U_22730 Rent adjustment
U_22731 Rent adjustment minimum amount
U_22735 Rental agreement condition - adjustment
U_22737 Modernization measure - rental unit - assignment
U_22738 Modernization Measure
U_22739 Rent adjustment index
U_22740 Service charges - settlement participation - rule
U_22741 Internal service charge settlement
U_22742 External service charge settlement
U_22743 Service charge settlement
U_22744 Service charge settlement - management cost surcharge
U_22745 Service charges flat-rate adjustment
U_22746 Heating percentage
U_22747 Heating day period
U_22748 Rental application - private
U_22753 Sales-based lease-out condition - item
U_22754 Correspondence application
U_22760 Rental unit - usage type category
U_22762 Lease-Out - rent adjustment specification
U_22763 Rental application - occupancy obligation - assignment
U_22764 Real estate object - user field
U_22765 Real estate object - user field group
U_22766 Rental application - business partner role - assignment
U_22767 Real estate object address supplement
U_22771 Notice period type
U_22772 Service charges - settlement type
U_22778 Management contract debit position
U_22782 Real estate controlling object - cost center - assignment
U_22784 Controlling object - lease-out
U_22785 Rental agreement - sales report
U_22787 Percentage - fee calculation form
U_22789 Periodic fee type
U_22790 Real estate business partner
U_22791 Real estate business partner - role
U_22792 Lease-out condition