SAP Package U120


Technical Information

Package U120
Short Text Controlling
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package U120 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package U120 contains 40 views.

ENT2005 Company Code - G/L Account
ENT2006 General Ledger - G/L Account - Transaction Figure
ENT2010 Vendor Account
ENT2011 Customer Account
ENT2015 Company Code - G/L Account - Bank
ENT2039 Company Code - Reconciliation Account
ENT2163 Accounts Receivable Account - Transaction Figure
ENT2164 Accounts Payable Account - Transaction Figure
ENT2165 Customer Account - Special Transaction Figure
ENT2166 Vendor Account - Special Transaction Figure
ENT2332 Customer Branch - Customer Account Determination
ENT2333 Vendor Branch - Vendor Account Determination
ENT4017 Controlling Area
ENT4019 Cost Allocation - Actual - Distribution of Overhead
ENT4028 Cost Allocation - Actual - Assessment
ENT4093 Cost Allocation
ENT4095 Cost Allocation - Actual - Calculation of Imputed Costs
ENT4101 Profit Center - Transaction Figure - Actual
ENT4119 Profit Center - Transaction Figure - Planned
ENT4313 Cost Origin
ENT4315 Cost Origin - Purchasing
ENT4317 Cost Origin - Material
ENT4356 Controlling Object - Reposting
ENT4357 Cost Element Planning
ENT4362 Cost Allocation - Actual
ENT4363 Cost Allocation - Planned
ENT4365 Cost Allocation - Planned - Overhead Assessment
ENT4366 Cost Allocation - Planned - Calculation of Imputed Costs
ENT4367 Cost Allocation - Planned - Internal Activity Allocation
ENT4369 Cost Allocation - Planned - IAA - Direct
ENT4370 Cost Allocation - Planned - Overhead Cost Distribution
ENT4371 Cost Allocation - Actual - IAA - Direct
ENT4372 Cost Allocation - Actual - IAA - Indirect
ENT4373 Cost Allocation - Actual - Predistribution of Fixed Costs
ENT4375 Cost Allocation - Planned - IAA - Indirect
ENT4376 Cost Allocation - Actual - Internal Activity Allocation
ENT4387 Activity Planning
ENT4500 Cost Element
ENT4501 Primary Cost Element
ENT4502 Secondary Cost Element