SAP Package U106

Special Purpose Ledger

Technical Information

Package U106
Short Text Special Purpose Ledger
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package U106 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package U106 contains 13 views.

U_12522 Company code related additional ledger
U_12525 Company related additional ledger
U_12531 Company code additional ledger
U_12532 Add'l ledger activity grouping code
U_12534 Company additional ledger - transaction type - assignment
U_12535 Company code additional ledger - transact. type - assign.
U_12536 Additional ledger - field movement rule
U_12538 Add. ledger - activity grouping code item
U_12539 Additional ledger - transaction type - assignment
U_12541 Add. ledger - field grouping code item
U_12550 Additional ledger
U_12553 Company additional ledger
U_12560 Average balance additional ledger