SAP Package U105

Asset Accounting

Technical Information

Package U105
Short Text Asset Accounting
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package U105 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package U105 contains 38 views.

ENT3001 Fixed asset component
ENT3002 Fixed asset
ENT3006 Asset valuation chart
ENT3007 Asset valuation category
ENT3008 Asset class
ENT3009 Company code - asset depreciation area
ENT3010 Asset depreciation area
ENT3011 Asset class - valuation method
ENT3012 Asset account
ENT3013 Depreciation method
ENT3014 Fixed asset-calculation key
ENT3015 Calculation key - fixed asset - ordinary depreciation
ENT3016 Calculation key - fixed asset - special depreciation
ENT3017 Calculation key - fixed asset - interest
ENT3018 Calculation key - fixed asset - minimum value
ENT3020 Investment support measure
ENT3021 Investment support measure-permissibility
ENT3023 Transact. type - f. asset - valuation category - assignment
ENT3026 Fixed asset account-transaction figure
ENT3027 Degree of asset utilization
ENT3028 Fixed asset-assignment within enterprise
ENT3029 Asset class grouping - account determination
ENT3050 Asset insurance
ENT3051 Transaction type - group
ENT3057 Tangible asset-leasing
ENT3074 Calculation key - fixed asset - changeover
ENT3081 Calculation key - fixed asset - parameter value
ENT3084 Fixed asset trans. type group - asset history sheet
ENT3085 Asset report structure
ENT3086 Asset history sheet item
ENT3087 Company code-asset class-valuation method
ENT3088 Asset class-chart of depreciation
ENT3089 Group asset
ENT3090 Group asset account
ENT3091 Group asset account - transaction figure
ENT3096 Capitalization variant
ENT3500 Tangible asset - property
U_13025 Asset group