SAP Package U100

Financial Accounting

Technical Information

Package U100
Short Text Financial Accounting
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package U100 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package U100 contains 59 views.

ENT1013 Term of payment group
ENT2001 Chart of accounts
ENT2003 Chart of accounts item - G/L account - Balance sheet
ENT2004 Chart of accounts item - G/L account - profit/loss
ENT2007 Special general ledger category
ENT2008 Reconciliation account determination
ENT2009 Business area
ENT2012 Chart of accounts item - G/L account
ENT2018 Financial statement version
ENT2030 Dunning step
ENT2032 Dunning charge
ENT2035 Dunning Procedure - Special G/L Category - Assignment
ENT2036 Dunning form determination
ENT2037 Company code
ENT2047 Company code-payment processing agreement
ENT2049 Payment method
ENT2065 Company code-currency type-assignment
ENT2068 Reference Interest Rate
ENT2069 Company code-payments agreemt-S.G/L-category-assgn
ENT2073 Interest calculation condition group-balance
ENT2102 Dunning agreement - customer
ENT2103 Dunning agreement - vendor
ENT2107 General Ledger
ENT2150 Business year division
ENT2151 Terms of payment
ENT2152 Customer Credit Account
ENT2153 Payment tolerance
ENT2161 Special general ledger category - bill of exchange
ENT2162 Customer credit account-external limit
ENT2168 Minimum dunning amount
ENT2178 Customer credit account-open order value
ENT2179 Customer credit account-individual limit
ENT2220 Entity view 2220, fiscal year-posting period
ENT2320 Order/operation queue grouping
ENT2321 Order/operation queue grouping-company code
ENT2322 Order/oper. queue grouping-chart of accounts item-G/L acct
ENT2323 Order/operation queue grouping-customer
ENT2325 Order/operation queue grouping-company code-assignment
ENT2326 Order/operation queue-chart of accounts-G/L account-assgnmt
ENT2327 Performance life grouping-customer-assignment
ENT2328 Performance life grouping-vendor-assignment
ENT2380 Group chart of accts
ENT2381 Chart of accounts - operative
ENT2382 Country-Specific Chart of Accounts
ENT2383 Corporate chart of accounts item
ENT2384 Chart of accounts - operative - item
ENT2385 Country-Specific Chart of Accounts Item
ENT2528 Ledger
ENT4030 Chart of accounts - item - type of secondary cost
ENT4031 Chart of accounts item - primary cost type
ENT4056 Chart of accounts item - cost type
ENT4059 Operating concern - controlling area - assignment
ENT4162 Controlling area - company code - assignment
ENT4360 Transaction figure version - cost accounting
U_12031 Dunning procedure
U_12050 Interest calculation condition
U_12070 Interest calculation condition group
U_12298 Payment of a bill of exchange - bank - reason for rejection
U_12317 Bills of exchange payable - reason for rejection