SAP Package SZTI

Central Basis Development: Time ('Time/Event')

Technical Information

Package SZTI
Short Text Central Basis Development: Time ('Time/Event')
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SZTI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SZTI contains 8 function groups.

TIME_IO Input/Output of Times
TIME_IO_F4 F4 Help for Time Input Field
TIMECALC Functions for Calculating w.Time Stamps
TIMECUST2 Customizing for Dates / Date Rules
TIMEEXT Enhancements of Time Functions
TIMERULE_COMP Compiled Time Rules
TIMERULE_EDIT Processing Functions for Date Rules
TIMERULE_TRANS Transport Functions for Date Rules


The package SZTI contains 3 transactions.

TIMECUST Profile for Time Functions
TIMECUSTEV Symbolic Names for Dates
TIMEPROF Profile for Time Functions

Database Tables

The package SZTI contains 19 database tables.

TIMECUDU Name for Duration
TIMECUDUT Texts for Symbolic Name of Duration
TIMECUEV Symbolic Name for Activity ('Event')
TIMECUOB Symbolic Name for a Reference Object ('Object Reference')
TIMECUOBT Texts for Symbolic Name for a Reference Object
TIMECUUT Symbolic Names for Time Durations
TIMECUUTT Texts for Time Unit
TIMEPF Context Profile of a Time Function
TIMEPFDU Symbolic Durations for Context Profile
TIMEPFEV Activities for a Context Profile
TIMEPFOB Symbolic Name for a Reference Object ('Object Reference')
TIMEPFRU Context Profile for Date Rules
TIMEPFT Texts for Context Profile of a Time Function
TIMERULEH Date Rules (Header)
TIMERULELN Date Rule Lines
TIMERULET Date Rule (Long Text)
TIMERUNA Date Rule of External Descriptor
TIMERUSH Shadow Table for Transport Date Rule (Header)
TIMERUSLN Shadow Table for Transport Date Rule (Source)


The package SZTI contains 16 views.

H_TIMECUEV Activities From Viewpoint of Time Functions
H_TIMENAEV Activities From Viewpoint of Time Functions
H_TIMEPFDU Durations in Profile
H_TIMEPFEV Activities From Viewpoint of Time Functions
H_TIMEPFOB Reference Objects in Profile
H_TIMEPFRU Date Rules in Profile
V_TIMECUDU Symbolic Name for Duration
V_TIMECUEV Activity Types (Date Types)
V_TIMECUOB Symbolic Name for a Reference Object
V_TIMECUUT Maintenance of Time Duration Units
V_TIMEPF Profile of a Time Function
V_TIMEPFDU Durations for a Profile
V_TIMEPFEV Dates for a Profile
V_TIMEPFOB Reference Objects for a Profile
V_TIMEPFRU Date Rules for a Profile
V_TIMERUNA Names of Date Rules with Long Text


The package SZTI contains 30 structures.

TIMEADMEXT Administrative Fields (Enhanced Version)
TIMERULEHD Date Rule Header -> Definition of Data Section
TIMESDAT Structure for Splitting a Date
TIMESDEFL Default Value in Local Time
TIMESDEFLX Default Value in Local Time
TIMESDUPOP Structure for Time Duration Specification in Dialog Box
TIMESEVPOP Structure for Date Specification in Dialog Box
TIMESFMT Output Format for Times
TIMESFMTC Texts for Commands
TIMESFMTD Texts for Weekdays
TIMESIOF Output Format for Times
TIMESMSG Structure for Message Handling
TIMESMSGIO Message in Time Environment
TIMESOBPOP Structure for Reference Object Input in Dialog Box
TIMESPERR Parse Error -> Error During Parsing of Source Text
TIMESPFDU Infos on Time Durations
TIMESPFEV Infos on Date Types
TIMESPFOB Infos on Reference Objects
TIMESPROFL List Line for Allowed Entries in Profile
TIMESRUDY Structure of All Screen Fields -> Better Support
TIMESRUHD Date Rule Header Information
TIMESRUHDI Header Data for Date Rule in Output Format
TIMESSETID Structure Time Set with ID as Key
TIMESSETNA Structure Time Set with Name as Key
TIMESTAEV Status Fields for Activity ('Event')
TIMESTASE Status Fields for Set
TIMESTATI Status Fields for Time ('Time')
TIMESTIM Structure for Splitting a Time
TIMESTIMC Time as Structure of Characters
TIMESTSTRK Key for time stream

Search Helps

The package SZTI contains 7 search helps.

TIMEIO F4 Help for Times
TIMEIO_PF F4 Help for Times with Profile
TIMENAEV Activities for Time Functions
TIMEPFDU Search Help for Duration in Profile
TIMEPFEV Context for Date Types
TIMEPFOB Search Help of Reference Objects in Profile
TIMEPFRU Search Help for Date Rules in Profile

Message Classes

The package SZTI contains 2 message classes.

TIMECUST Customizing Zeitfunktionen
TIMERULE Fehlermeldungen zu den Terminregeln