SAP Package SZD

R/3 Central Basis Development: Change Documents

Technical Information

Package SZD
Short Text R/3 Central Basis Development: Change Documents
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SZD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SZD contains 13 function groups.

SCD_SM Functions for the Solution Manager
SCD0 Change document creation
SCD1 Read and format change documents
SCD2 Read and format change documents
SCD3 Read and format planned changes
SCD4 Delete change docs. and planned changes
SCD5 Change documents / Archiving
SCD6 Display change documents
SCD8 SZD:SCD8 Conversions for UNICODE
SCD9 Read non-converted change doc. (>4.0A)
SCDH CHDO Search Help Programs
SCDT Transport Chnge doc.obj. via shadow tab.


The package SZD contains 2 transactions.

SCDN Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO Display Change Document Objects

Database Tables

The package SZD contains 18 database tables.

CDHANDLE CD: Dummy Table for Lock Object
CDHDR Change document header
CDPOS Change document items
CDPOS_UID Additional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Characters
CDSOLMIG Solution Manager Runs for Change Document Transfers
CDSOLMIG_DD Change Document Objects to be Migrated
CDSOLMIG_HDR CDHDR Entries Transferred Through Solution Manager
PCDHDR Change document header
PCDPOS Change document items
PCDPOS_UID Additional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Chars-Plnnd Chg.
TCDOB Objects for change document creation
TCDOBS TCDOB Shadow Table for Change Document Object Transport
TCDOBT Texts for objects for change document creation
TCDOBTS TCDOBT Shadow Table for Change Document Object Transport
TCDRP Information on Include Reports Generated by RSSCD000
TCDRPS TCDRP Shadow Table for Change Document Object Transport
TCDRS Information on DDIC structures generated by RSSCD000


The package SZD contains 39 structures.

BAL_S_GRIDTITLE Application Log: Handling of GRID Title
CDBEL Change documents, test and display
CDBER CDBEL reference table
CDBET Test structure for change documents
CDCHANGENR_RANGE Range Structure for CDCHANGNR for Function Module Interface
CDHDR_HELP Structure for F4 Help Connection
CDHDR_OLD Change document header
CDHDRDISP Change document header display structure
CDKEYTAB Archiving class CHANGEDOCU transfer table structure
CDNAMES CHDO Name Parts Transfer Structure
CDNUMBERS Change documents: change number and plan number
CDOB_OLD Change document: Table structure TCDOB before 4.0
CDOBJECTCL_RANGE Range Structure for CDOBJECTCL for Function Module Interface
CDOBJECTV_RANGE Range Structure for CDOBJECTV for Function Module Interface
CDOBT_OLD Text for change document creation objects (before 4.0)
CDPOS_OLD Change document items
CDPOSDISP Change document item display structure
CDRED Change documents, display structure
CDREDDISP Change document display structure
CDRP_OLD Change document: Table structure TCDOB before 4.0
CDS_TCODE Change Document: Entry in Range Table for TCODE
CDSHW Change documents, formatting table
CDSYSUUID_RANGE Range Structure for SYSUUID_C for Function Module Interface
CDTAB Nametab information for change documents
CDTABKEY_RANGE Range Structure for CDTABKEY for Function Module Interface
CDTABKEYLO_RANGE Range Structure for CDTABKEYLO for Function Module Interface
CDTABNAME_RANGE Range Structure for TABNAME for Function Module Interface
CDTXT Change documents: Text changes
CDUSERNAME_RANGE Range Structure for CDUSERNAME for Function Module Interface
ICDIND Structures for generating change document update programs
ISCDPOS Internal Structure icdpos
KBALHDR Change document structure: Generated by RSSCD000
KCDHDR Change document structure: Generated by RSSCD000
PCDHDR_OLD Change document header
PCDPOS_OLD Change document items
VTCDOB Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VTCDRP Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VTCDRS Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
WFCD_BUFFER Change Documents for Workflow


The package SZD contains 48 programs.

CHANGEDOCU_DEL Archiving Change Documents: Delete Program
CHANGEDOCU_READ Read Change Documents from Archive or Database
CHANGEDOCU_WRI Archiving Change Documents: Write Program
RSCDOK91 Delete change documents
RSCDOK95 Delete change documents
RSCDOK98 Delete Planned Changes
RSCDOK99 Delete Change Documents
RSSCD_CHECK_CDHDR Change Document Headers Without Items
RSSCD_CHECK_CDHDR_ALL Change Document Headers Without Items
RSSCD_CHECK_CDPOS Change Document Items Without Headers
RSSCD_CHECK_CDPOS_UID Inconsistencies in Table CDPOS_UID
RSSCD_CHECK_GEN Change Documents: Check Report for Missing CHDO Generations
RSSCD_CHECK_OLD_ENTRIES Cleanup Program Before Unicode Conversion
RSSCD_CHECK_UNICODE Set Unicode Flag for Generated FUGR
RSSCD000 Generate Update Program to Create Change Documents
RSSCD100 Display Change Documents
RSSCD110 Display change documents (cross-client)
RSSCD150 Display change documents
RSSCD1TS Display Change Documents (E.g. for CHANGEDOCUMENT_PREPARE_POS)
RSSCD200 Display change documents
RSSCD298 Test Program for UNICODE Interface
RSSCD300 Change documents: Display information about generated sources
RSSCD31I Delete Change Documents via CDCLS until Rel. 31I
RSSCD400 Test or Set Generation Flag TADIR for TCDOB/TCDRP/TCDRS
RSSCD500 Display planned changes
RSSCD600 SZD: Remove Transport Inonsistency 4.0
RSSCD7_CHECK_CDCLS Change Documents: Check/Repair CDCLS After Archive Deletion
RSSCD700 Save ADO Transport for Change Document Objects
RSSCD7AR Archiving program for change documents
RSSCD7DE Archiving change documents - Delete program
RSSCD7RE Archiving change documents - Read program
RSSCD7RS Archiving Change Documents - Reload Program
RSSCD7RS6D Restore Archiving Object CHANGEDOCU in Releases 46B to 46D
RSSCD800 Set the UCCHECK Flag in TRDIR for Generated Sources
RSSCD805 Conversion Report of INT/RAW Fields on Output Lengths in CDPOS-TABKEY
RSSCD807 Conversion Report of CHAR Fields for INT/RAW Fields in CDPOS-TABKEY
RSSCD900 Display Unconverted Change Documents
RSSCD921 Correction change docs/pointers after error in Supp. Pack. 610/620
RSSCD945 Set E071 Lock Flag = 1, to Repeat ADO - Imports
RSSCD956 Regeneration of update task programs for change document objects
RSSCD957 Inhouse XPRA for Regeneration Change Document Objects
RSSCD958 Delete obsolete generated CHDO INCLUDES in TADIR
SAPMSCDO Change document creation maintenance object module pool

Search Helps

The package SZD contains 6 search helps.

CDHDR_CLAS_ID_UDATE Search Help for Archiv. Acc. to objectclas, objectid, udate
CDHDR_OBJCL Object Class
CDHDR_OBJCL_ID Object Class and ID
CDHDR_OBJCL_ID_TCODE Object Class, ID, and Transaction Code
OBJECTCLAS Search Help for Active Change Document Objects
TCDOB_CLAS_TEXT Search Help for Object Class and Text

Message Classes

The package SZD contains 1 message classes.

CD Änderungsbelege

Authorization Objects

The package SZD contains 1 authorization objects.

S_SCD0 Change documents