SAP Package SWX

Business Workflow: Utilities

Technical Information

Package SWX
Short Text Business Workflow: Utilities
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWX contains 6 function groups.

SWX_SFLIGHT WebFlow Demo: Flight Booking
SWX1 FMs for standard roles
SWXA Notification of absence
SWXTRAVEL Booking Scenario
SWXTRAVEL_INIT Initialization of Booking Scenario
WS45301216 Function Group WS45301216


The package SWX contains 4 transactions.

SWUN Number Range Maintenance: FORMABSENC
SWXF DEMO: Create Notification of Absence
SWXFTB DEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
TF_WS453012160001 Query About a Flight Booking

Database Tables

The package SWX contains 3 database tables.

SWXFORMABS Form: Notification of Absence
SWXTRABOOK Flight Bookings and Offers


The package SWX contains 5 structures.

SAPFORMS SAPforms Container Variables (Every Data Element Type)
SWFLTRP Flight trip
SWX_FLAUX WebFlow Demo: Help Data
SWXFORMTST SAPforms Container Variables (Every Data Element Type)
SWXSFLQU WebFlow Example: Flight Request


The package SWX contains 4 programs.

RSWXAPRINT Program RSWXAPRINT for List Output of All Notifications of Absence
RSWXFLCR Program for Generating Flight Data for Travel Request Demo
SWXFORMS Edit Forms: Select Form

Search Helps

The package SWX contains 2 search helps.

H_SWX_FNUMB Search Help for Workflow Demo Example
H_SWXFORMABS Form: Notification of Absence

Message Classes

The package SWX contains 1 message classes.