SAP Package SWU

Business Workflow: Utility Functions (Package-Independent)

Technical Information

Package SWU
Short Text Business Workflow: Utility Functions (Package-Independent)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWU is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWU contains 18 function groups.

SWU_MCONT Container Persistence Level
SWU_PCONT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWU_WEBFORMS Workflow: Web Forms
SWU1 Utility Functions
SWU2 Functions for User Decision
SWU3 DDIC and TFDIR Access Routines
SWU4 Utilities for workflow
SWU5 Generating Workflow Transactions
SWU7 Workflow: SAPForms
SWUA Ad Hoc Utilities
SWUB Checklist
SWUC WF: Workflow in IMG (Customizing)
SWUO Runtime Buffer PD Org
SWUP Implementation of Favorites Function
SWUS Start Workflow, Trigger Event
SWUT Texts for Workflow
SWUV Wizard for event enabling (event creat.)


The package SWU contains 43 transactions.

SW10 Delivery Verification
SWF_OBJ_EXEC Execute Object Method
SWF_OBJ_EXEC_BO Execute Object Method (SWOOBJID)
SWF_OBJ_EXEC_CL Execute Object Method (SIBFLPORB)
SWU_CONT_PERSISTENCE Administrate Container Persistence
SWU_EWBTE Wizard for Event Linkage (BTE)
SWU_EWCD Wizard for Event Linkage (Chg. Doc.)
SWU_EWLIS Wizard for Event Linkage (LIS)
SWU_OBUF Runtime Buffer PD Org
SWU0 Simulate event
SWU1 User RFC Monitor
SWU2 Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU3 Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWU3_OLD Consistency check: Customizing
SWU4 Consistency Test for Standard Task
SWU5 Consistency Test for Customer Task
SWU6 Consistency Test for Workflow Task
SWU7 Consistency Test for Workflow Templ.
SWUA Start Verification Workflow
SWUB Maintain Workflow RFC Destination
SWUC Customizing decision task
SWUC_01 SAP Task Customizing
SWUD Workflow Diagnosis
SWUE Trigger an event
SWUG Generate Workflow Start Transaction
SWUI Start Workflow
SWUI_BENCHMARK Start Performance Workflows
SWUI_DEMO Start Demo Workflows
SWUI_SINGLE Start Workflow (Parameter)
SWUI_START Start Workflow (Task Group)
SWUI_VERIFY Start Test Workflows
SWUK Mapping form type - mail address
SWUL Customizing: Process Administrator
SWUP Switch SAPforms Trace On/Off
SWUR Send mails for work items
SWUS Test Workflow
SWUS_WITH_REFERENCE Workflow: Start with Reference
SWUT Namespace for Form Transactions
SWUU SAPforms: Diagnosis
SWUV Send E-Mail Notifications
SWUW Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIID
SWUX SAPforms Administration
SWUY Workflow-Message Linkage

Database Tables

The package SWU contains 8 database tables.

AKTIVITEM Activities After Receipt of Work Item from Message
SWU_DBSTR System Table for Structure Persistence Settings
SWU_WLSCAN Date and time of last work list scan for R3F transmission
SWU5_DYNP Chronology of generated program objects
SWUFORMTRC SAPforms: Trace management
SWUI_FORM Container contents for form data container
SWUTYP2ADR SAP Forms: Map form type to proxy mail address


The package SWU contains 1 views.

SWREPORT Info System: Reports


The package SWU contains 59 structures.

ACTOR_TEXT Actors with relevant names
NODETEXT Structure for saving node text
SACTION Structure for Activity Selection Because of WF from Message
SWF2_D0150 WF: Screen 150, Enter work item text.
SWF2_D0152 WF: Enter report name for wizard
SWNODE WF: Reference structure for node number
SWU_ADHOC WF: Data for workflow ad hoc start
SWU_CCFUNC WFCC: Possible Functions
SWU_CCPROP WFCC: Check Properties
SWU_CHKLST Structure for checklist
SWU_CNTKEY Key for container tables
SWU_CONTD WF: Container definition with exclusion flag
SWU_CREAEV Structure: Indicators for wizard - Event creation
SWU_DBGTRC Workflow: Dynpro Structure for Trace Level and Debug Mode
SWU_EVCREA Dynpro Fields for Triggering Events
SWU_FLAG Indicator
SWU_GENOBJ Generic Services: Linked Objects
SWU_ITEM WF: Tree control items
SWU_MSG Message components
SWU_ORGTIM Time Stamp for Last Buffer Synchronization of ORG Environ.
SWU_PERIOD Period duration for transmission of R3F messages
SWU_REPORT Key figures for reports
SWU_REPSC Return values (params, sel. options, etc.) of report scan
SWU_SELECT Structure for choosing tasks
SWU_SNODE Node Structure of Tree Control (Simple)
SWU_START Structure for starting tasks
SWU_STEPS List of Nodes
SWU_STRNAM Structure Description
SWU_STRPOR Internal POR for Structure in WF Container
SWU_TEST SWU: Verification of container
SWU_WFFILT Filter for Debugging
SWU_WFSTRT Shell for Starting Workflows
SWU5_WEB WF: Structure for function module SWU_DIALOG_WEB_ENABLING
SWU5TREITM Item for Tree Control for Selection of Attribs of Obj. Types
SWU7_D0100 SAPForms: R3F form and form type
SWUATTRIB Attribute of Object Type and Path
SWUD_D0100 WF: Create new CATT procedure or use existing procedure
SWUDFOL SAPforms: Parameters for reading hidden folder
SWUELMATRB Object Container Element und Attribute of Object
SWUELMATTR Container Element and Attributes (If Object)
SWUGRETURN Message during generic object service
SWUI_START IOTAB for 'Start Workflow'
SWUMEXSTRU Structure Internal Table in CL_SWF_UTL_MULTI_EXEC
SWUNUMBER Definition Structure for Number Assignment
SWUOTATR Attribute of Object Type
SWUPEVTCB Indicator (Event Relevant?) and Callback Routine
SWUPMTAB Properties of BOR Method (Subset of SWOTLV)
SWUPROGIN Include name of a program
SWUPTRECRD Coordinates in Tree Control
SWUPTRIM Tree Control Item For Report SAPTREV*
SWUREPPRAM WF: Assignment of report to selection
SWUTIUNIT WF: Unit of Time for Deadlines
SWUWEBNAMS Web-enabling: Namespace and related
SWUWEBTR Workflow: Web-enabling - Data structure for screen
TRCTRLEVT Events That Can Be Triggered by Tree Control
TRCTRLPAR Parameter for Controlling Properties of Tree Control
TSWOOBJTYP Structure with Object Type
WFSYST System Structure with System Fields for Container Elements


The package SWU contains 39 programs.

RSWIWADO Watchdog for runtime tables
RSWUCU01 Customizing decision task
RSWUCU02 Customizing decision task
RSWUDFOL Reading the hidden folder for WORKFLOW_LOCAL user
RSWUDI00 Workflow Diagnosis
RSWUDI01 Consistency check for tasks
RSWUDI02 Consistency Check for Standard Tasks
RSWUDI03 Consistency Check for Customer Tasks
RSWUDI04 Consistency Check for Workflow Tasks
RSWUDI05 Consistency Check for Workflow Templates
RSWUDI06 Verify Workflow Customizing
RSWUDI07 Workflow: Event RFC Queue, Current Status
RSWUDI08 Workflow: RFC Queue for User, Current Status
RSWUDI09 Start verification workflow
RSWUDI10 Report About Version Numbers for Different Releases
RSWUESIM Event Simulation
RSWUMMES WF: Wizard for Creating Workflow Definitions for Error Handling
RSWUOBJEX Execute Object Method
RSWUOBJEXBO Execute object method of a BOR object using SWOTOBJID
RSWUOBJEXCL Execute object method of an ABAP OO- or BOR object using SIBFLPORB
RSWUR3FS Program for work list scan and R3F transmission
RSWUR3FUP Load R3F from File and Execute
RSWUSETT Scheduling of report for sending SAPforms messages
RSWUSFDG SAPforms: Diagnosis
RSWUSWTR Switch SAPforms Trace On/Off
RSWUTR01 Display SAPforms trace
RSWUTS03 Test role
RSWUVWIZBTE Wizard for Event Linkage with Business Transaction Events (Open FI)
RSWUVWIZCD Wizard for Event Linkage with Change Documents
RSWUVWIZLIS Wizard for Event Linkage with Logistics Information System
RSWUWFML Send Mails for Work Items
RSWW_START_WITH_REFERENCE Start Workflow with Reference (Debugging)
SAPBPJOB Program for Object Type BATCHJOB : BatchJob_Workflow
SAPBPSTEP Program for Object Type BATCHSTEP : Batchstep
SAPM_TEMPLATE_SWU5 Copy Reference for Generated Start Screens/Transactions (FUGR SWU5)
SAPMSWUB Workflow: Maintain RFC Destination
STRTWFOR Start Example Workflow 'Purchase Order'
SWUSTDTX Program for Object Type STD_TEXT: Standard Text

Search Helps

The package SWU contains 4 search helps.

SH_REPORT Report (Programs with Type '1')
SH_TBTCO WF: Search help for table TBTCO
SH_TBTCP WF: Search help for table TBTCP
SH_TSTC Search help for table TSTC

Message Classes

The package SWU contains 4 message classes.

S_WF_BO_SERVICES Business Context Facilities (Generische Objektdienste)
SWU_NOTIF Workflow: E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen RSWUWFML*
SWU_PCONT Containerpersistenz
WZ Workflow: Musterobjekte