SAP Package SWP

Business Workflow: Processor

Technical Information

Package SWP
Short Text Business Workflow: Processor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWP contains 12 function groups.

SWP_CCMS WFM: CCMS Data Collector
SWP_DELETE Function Modules to Be Deleted
SWP_OBSOLET WFM: Obsolete Coding
SWP1 WFM: Processor
SWP2 WFM: General API
SWP4 WFM: Buffering of log data
SWP5 WFM: Notifications
SWP7 WFM: Help Functions
SWP8 WFM: Make Runtime Settings
SWPA WFM: Administration (Definition)
SWPB WFM: Administration (Runtime)
SWPL WFM: Read and format log data


The package SWP contains 4 transactions.

SWP_CHANGE_MAXNODES Change Maximum Number of Nodes
SWPA Runtime System Customizing
SWPC WFM: Continue Workflow
SWPR WFM: Restart Workflow

Database Tables

The package SWP contains 10 database tables.

SWP_ADM_US WFM: Administrator(s) for a workflow instance
SWP_ADMIN Customizing Workflow Runtime System
SWP_HEADER Workflow Instances: Header Data of a Workflow Execution
SWP_JOIN Workflow instances: Join node of a workflow execution
SWP_NODEWI WF: Work items for nodes in a workflow definition
SWP_SUSPEN Workflow instances: Suspended work item callbacks
SWPCMPCONT Component Container of WFM
SWPNODE WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime
SWPNODELOG Workflow: Instance Data of Nodes of a Workflow Execution
SWPSTEPLOG Workflow: Instance Data of Steps of a Workflow Execution


The package SWP contains 2 views.

SWP_V_HEA1 Definition and Instance Data of a WF Execution Combined
SWPVADMIN WFM: Runtime system Customizing


The package SWP contains 25 structures.

SWP_CB_WI Workflow Manager: Calling back workitem (requester, res, ret
SWP_CEVENT Workflow: Object Event which Ends an Activity/WI
SWP_COMPAT Workflow runtime: Compatibility matrix (line) f. num. op.
SWP_DEADLN Workflow: Deadlines of an Activity: Name, Date, Time
SWP_EXCLOG WFM: Log Statement for Exceptions
SWP_EXECQU WFM: Structure for Execution Queue
SWP_INTERN Workflow: Internal structure definition, please do not use!
SWP_LOCEVT WFM: Structure for Local Event
SWP_LOGTAB Workflow: Internal Table for Display: Node/Step Log
SWP_NCONDT Workflow: Condition for a Node
SWP_NODE WF: Node of a workflow instance
SWP_NODES WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime
SWP_NXTNOD Workflow manager: Next node in workflow definition
SWP_RETURN Workflow Manager: Structure for Return Codes of a Work Item
SWP_SEVNTS Container Element, Instance, Event for SWP1_WORKFLOW
SWP_SNODES WFM: Node Definition (Without WFDKEY)
SWP_V_HEAD Workflow: Header structure of a workflow (WFM priv.)
SWP_WI_REQ Workflow: Identification of a Node Instance for WI_REQUESTER
SWP_WIRTM WF: Runtime data on a work item
SWPCMPINST Instance of WFM Instance Management for Components
SWPCOMPEVT Structure for Terminating Events
SWPCONSTAT WFM: Consistent Status
SWPEXCACT WFM: Actions that Follow an Exception
SWPLEAFINST Instance of WFM-Leaf-non-WIM Component
SWPTRCDAT_S_FACTORY Trace in WFM: Data from WFM Factory


The package SWP contains 5 programs.

RSWP_CHECK_CB_CONSISTENCY Consistency of Callback Data
RSWP_CONTINUE_WORKFLOWS_GRID WFM (Public): Continue Workflows in Status STARTED
RSWP_RESTART_WORKFLOWS_GRID WFM (Public): Restart Workflows in Status ERROR

Message Classes

The package SWP contains 2 message classes.

SWP WFM: Nachrichten
SWPSYST Systemfehler im WFM