Workflow Output Medium in PPF

Technical Information

Package SWJ_PPF
Short Text Workflow Output Medium in PPF
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWJ_PPF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWJ_PPF contains 5 function groups.

SWJ_COND_DB DB Interfaces for Parameter Condition
SWJ_COND_VIEW User Interfaces for Parameter Condition
SWJ_INTERFACE Released Interfaces
SWJ_SERVICE Service Modules for Parameter Condition
SWJ_UTILITY Utility Modules for Parameter Condition


The package SWJ_PPF contains 1 transactions.

SWJ1 Browser for Schedule Conditions

Database Tables

The package SWJ_PPF contains 9 database tables.

SWJ_CONT Container Instance (Separate) for PPF (XML)
SWJPCDEF Container Definition for Parameter Condition
SWJPCNT Container Definition/Values for Parameter Conditions (XML)
SWJPCOND Parameter Condition (Parsed)
SWJPCONT Container Instance for Parameter Condition
SWJPCTXT Container Definition for Parameter Condition (Text Table)
SWJPHEAD Header Table for Parameter Condition
SWJPHTXT Parameter Condition (Text Table)
SWJSCONT Container Instance (Separate) for PPF


The package SWJ_PPF contains 4 structures.

SWJ_OBJ Type & Category of Object Types (Based On WF Domains)
SWJ_PCOND Structured Data Type for Parameter Condition
SWJ_PDEFLT Default Values
SWJ_SHEAD Parameter Condition: Data Structure


The package SWJ_PPF contains 2 programs.

RPCOND_TEST Test Parameter Condition
RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Maintenance of Parameter Conditions

Search Helps

The package SWJ_PPF contains 1 search helps.

TIMEPROFILE Selection of a Date Profile

Message Classes

The package SWJ_PPF contains 1 message classes.

SWJ_PPF Nachrichten für Parameterbedingungen