Workflow: Trace

Technical Information

Package SWF_TRC
Short Text Workflow: Trace
Parent Package SWF_WORKFLOW

Package Contents

The package SWF_TRC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWF_TRC contains 5 function groups.

SWF_TRC_ACONF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWF_TRC_CMP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWF_TRC_CONF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWF_TRC_DIALOG Trace: Display and Administration
SWF_TRC_PCK Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package SWF_TRC contains 3 transactions.

SWF_TRC Workflow Trace: Display
SWF_TRC_ALL Workflow Trace: Display All Comps
SWF_TRC1 Display Workflow Trace Catalog

Database Tables

The package SWF_TRC contains 16 database tables.

SWF_TRC_ACONF Trace: Configuration of Trace Components
SWF_TRC_CMP Workflow Trace: Components
SWF_TRC_CMP_CONF Client- and Component-Dependent De-/Activation Trace
SWF_TRC_CMP_TEXT Workflow Trace: Components
SWF_TRC_CONF Trace Catalog
SWF_TRC_CONFIG Trace: Configuration of Logical Trace Times/Dates
SWF_TRC_CONT Trace: Container Table
SWF_TRC_DATA Trace Entries
SWF_TRC_HEAD Trace: Catalog
SWF_TRC_HFILT Trace: Hierarchy Filter
SWF_TRC_PCK Workflow Trace: Packages
SWF_TRC_PCK_TEXT Workflow Trace: Packages
SWF_TRC_SELOPT Trace: Hierarchy Filter
SWF_TRC_TEXT Trace: Configuration of the Packages and Their Times/Dates
SWF_TRC_WF_DAT Workflow-Trace: Data Entries
SWF_TRC_WF_SEL Workflow Trace: Selection Conditions for Trace Start


The package SWF_TRC contains 3 views.

SWF_TRC_CMP_VIEW Workflow Trace: Maintain Components
SWF_TRC_CNF_VIEW Maintenance of Logical Trace Times/Dates
SWF_TRC_PCK_VIEW Workflow Trace: Maintain Packages


The package SWF_TRC contains 27 structures.

SWF_TRC_CMP_CONF_DISP Display Global De-/Activation Trace
SWFTRC_CMP_FIL Filtering Dialog Global Component Activation
SWFTRC_WF_CTX Workflow Trace: Application Context Structure
SWFTRC_WF_EXT Workflow Trace: Enhancement Structure for Trace Filter
SWFTRC_WF_OPT Workflow Trace: Select-Option Fields for Trace Runtime
SWFTRCACONF Configuration of a Trace Component
SWFTRCCONF Trace: Logical Time/Date with Texts
SWFTRCDATA Trace: Generic Part of a Trace-Data-Entry
SWFTRCDISP Display Structure for Trace Catalog Entry
SWFTRCDISP_TREE Tree Display Structure for Trace Catalog Entry
SWFTRCDISPDATA Trace: Generic Part of a Trace-Data-Entry
SWFTRCDKEY Trace: Key Structure for Application Data
SWFTRCENTRY Trace: Generic Part of a Trace Entry
SWFTRCFDAT Trace: Generic Data Part for Application Filters
SWFTRCFKEY Trace: Key Structure for Application Filters
SWFTRCHCOND Trace: Lines of a Hierarchy Filter Condition
SWFTRCHEAD Trace: Trace Header Data
SWFTRCHFILT Trace: Hierarchy Filter (Line)
SWFTRCID_TREE Trace ID Structure with Node Key for Trace Catalog Display
SWFTRCIDSTRUC Trace: Structure with Trace ID
SWFTRCLPNT Trace: Definition of a Logical Date/Time
SWFTRCMSG Message Structure for Message Display
SWFTRCPCONF Trace: Configuration of Application-Specific Persistence
SWFTRCREST Trace: Filter Criteria for Trace Entry
SWFTRCSELOPT Trace: Serialized Select-Options for an Element
SWFTRCSFILT Trace: Generic List with Select Options for a Field
SWFTRCSTAT Status of Trace Instance

Message Classes

The package SWF_TRC contains 1 message classes.

SWF_TRC Workflow-Trace