Workflow: Runtime

Technical Information

Package SWF_RUN
Short Text Workflow: Runtime
Parent Package SWF_WORKFLOW

Package Contents

The package SWF_RUN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWF_RUN contains 1 function groups.

SWF_RUN_REMOTE RFC Modules for Remote Call

Database Tables

The package SWF_RUN contains 10 database tables.

SWF_QSTATE BPE: Status of Inbound Queues
SWFDWISTAT Workflow: Status of Work Item - Texts
SWFRLERR Workflow Log: (Error) Messages
SWFRLMSG Workflow Log: Message Data (T100)
SWFRLOTR Workflow Log: Message Data (OTR)
SWFRLSUC Workflow Log: Actions
SWFRPCSTAR Workflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit II
SWFRPCSTAT Workflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit I
SWFRPROCTR Workflow: Process Data (Default Table)
SWFRSTP Workflow: Step Data (Default Table)


The package SWF_RUN contains 39 structures.

SWF_ERRXML Workflow: XML Representation of an Error
SWF_FLGEXC Workflow: Flag + Exception
SWF_INSADR Workflow: Instance Management User/Address
SWF_MTHRES Workflow: Result of a Method
SWF_NAMVAL Workflow: XML Representation of a Container Line
SWF_PARMBIND Workflow: XML Parameter Representation
SWF_PRPXML Workflow: XML Representation of Properties
SWF_STPXML Workflow: XML Representation of a Step
SWF_TRFCID Workflow: ID of tRFC Entries
SWF_TSKXML Workflow: XML Representation of a Task
SWF_WIHXML Workflow: XML Representation of Work Item Header
SWF_WIRESULT Workflow: Result of a Work Item
SWF_WIRESULT_MANUALLY_COMPLETE Workflow: Result of a Work Item (Manual Completion)
SWF_WIXML Workflow: XML Representation of a Work Item
SWFRCMPEVT Workflow: Result Structure of Terminating Event
SWFRLERRD Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLERR
SWFRLKEY Workflow Log: Key
SWFRLKEYM Workflow Log: Key with Counter
SWFRLMSGD Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLMSG
SWFRLSUCD Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLSUC
SWFRPCCLRO Workflow Process Data: Cluster with Read-Only Attributes
SWFRPCCLWR Workflow Process Data: Cluster mit Changeable Attributes
SWFRPCDAT Workflow Process Data: Complete Data Part
SWFRPCSDA1 Workflow Process Status: Data II
SWFRPCSDAT Workflow Process Status: Data I
SWFRPCSKEY Workflow Process Status: Key
SWFRSREMAC Workflow: Assignment of Action to Method to Be Executed
SWFRSTPC3A Workflow Step Data: Cluster3A - Write After Start
SWFRSTPC3B Workflow Step Data: Cluster3B - Write After Execution
SWFRSTPC3C Workflow Step Data: Cluster3C - Write After End
SWFRSTPCL1 Workflow Step Data: Cluster1 - Read-Only Attributes
SWFRSTPCL2 Workflow Step Data: Cluster2 - Write-Often Attributes
SWFRSTPCL3 Workflow Step Data: Summary SWFRSTPC3A, C3B, C3C
SWFRSTPCL4 Workflow Step Data: Cluster4 - Deadline Monitoring
SWFRSTPCL5 Workflow Step Data: Cluster5 - 'Other' Data
SWFRSTPDAT Workflow Step Data: Complete Data Part (Cluster Total)
SWFRSTPKEY Workflow Step Data: Key
SWFRUNCONT Workflow: Context for Log and Trace
SWFRUNSCTS Workflow: Times for Log and Trace


The package SWF_RUN contains 1 programs.

RWF_RUNTIME_AUNIT Workflow: Unit Test for Runtime