Rules - Workflow Rules and Rule Systems

Technical Information

Package SWF_RLS
Short Text Rules - Workflow Rules and Rule Systems
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWF_RLS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWF_RLS contains 1 function groups.

SWF_XI_RULES XI Interface for Condition Methods

Database Tables

The package SWF_RLS contains 1 database tables.

SWFRLSOPER System Table: Standard Comparison Operators


The package SWF_RLS contains 15 structures.

SWFBOOLCMP Relational Expression (Page in Condition Tree)
SWFCURRBUF List of All Currency-Dependent Attributes of an Object
SWFRLCMPOP Relation: Relational Operator <-> Implementing Method
SWFRLSBCOD Byte Code for the Evaluation of a Condition
SWFRLSCLIN Comparison (Lines of Condition)
SWFRLSCMAP Error Handling for Comparison Operator
SWFRLSEID Expression with Unique Local ID
SWFRLSINFO Information About a Relational Operator
SWFRLSRID Structure with Rule ID and Local Unique ID
SWFRLSRMAP Assignment of Result Expressions for Outcomes of a Rule
SWFRLSRSYS Rule System in Business Rule Repository
SWFRLSRULE Rule in Business Rule Repository
SWFRLSWBED Regel in SAP Business Rule Repository
SWFRULESCR Internal Structure to Display Condition


The package SWF_RLS contains 3 programs.

RSWF_RLS_TEST Test Routines: Conditions Method
RSWF_TEST_OPERATOR Test Logical Operators
RSWF_XML_PERFORMANCE Test Frame for Performance Measuring of Typical BPM Processes

Message Classes

The package SWF_RLS contains 1 message classes.

SWF_RLS_001 Bedingungs- und Regelauswertung