Workflow: Database Table Migration

Technical Information

Package SWF_MIG
Short Text Workflow: Database Table Migration
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWF_MIG is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Embedded Packages

The package SWF_MIG contains 2 embedded packages.

SWF_MIG_SOURCE BPM Migration: Server Functionality
SWF_MIG_TARGET BPM Migration: Client Functionality

Function Groups

The package SWF_MIG contains 1 function groups.

SWF_MIG Workflow Migrations - Function Modules


The package SWF_MIG contains 10 structures.

SWF_ACTV_WIID_LT Line Type for Active Workitem ID (WI_ID + WFD_ID)
SWF_BG_JOB_STATE structure for b/g job name and mode change operation status
SWF_CRL_OBJ wf definiton id, version, correlation object name
SWF_MSG_LIST_LT Line for for Message Guid ( top_wi_id + wi_id + msg_guid )
SWF_MSGPROXY_OBJ wf id , version and message proxy name
SWF_REF_TASKS wf definition id with version and referred tasks
SWF_REF_WF wf definition id , version, referred wf ids
SWF_REF_WIID_LT Line type for Referred WI_ID ( top_wi_id and ref_wi_id )
SWF_TOP_WIID_LT Line type to store Top Level Workitem IDs
SWF_WFD_VERSIONS workflow definition ids and versions


The package SWF_MIG contains 6 programs.

RSWF_DELMIG_SWWWIDH Workflow: Resets indicator for executed migration (SWWWIDH)
RSWF_MIG_CNT_STRUCTS_INTERNAL Internal Program for Migration of Incompatible Structures in Container
RSWF_MIG_CONTAINER_STRUCTS Migration of Container Structures with Incompatible Changes
RSWF_MIG_WI2OBJ Migration of table SWW_CONTOB to table SWW_WI2OBJ
RSWF_MIG_WI2OBJ_INTERNAL SAP Internal Report for Migrating Individual Work Items

Message Classes

The package SWF_MIG contains 1 message classes.

SWF_MIG BPM-Migration