Workflow: Data Flow

Technical Information

Package SWF_BND
Short Text Workflow: Data Flow
Parent Package SWF_WORKFLOW

Package Contents

The package SWF_BND is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWF_BND contains 4 function groups.

SWF_BND Binding Editor - Dialog
SWF_BND_UPG Upgrade Issues With Binding
WS45301442 Function Group for WS45301442
WS70000007 Function group WS70000007


The package SWF_BND contains 14 structures.

SWFBINDDB Binding Definition, DB Interface
SWFBINDING Binding definition
SWFBINDING_DB Binding Defintion (Persistent Representation)
SWFBNDBASE Workflow Binding: Binding Fields up to 6.10
SWFBNDCORE Binding Definition: Core Part
SWFBNDCREF Reference Structure Binding Rows <-> Basis Element Used
SWFBNDCSTRU Line Structure for Binding Context
SWFBNDINFO Information About a Binding Operator
SWFBNDKEY Workflow Binding: Key Fields Binding
SWFBNDOPER Workflow Binding Operation and Qualifier
SWFBNDOPT Options for Setting Parameters of the Binding Editor
SWFBNDSCR Binding Definition Display in ALV
SWFBNDSOPT Personal Settings for the Binding Editor
SWFBNDSUPL Workflow Binding: New Binding Fields from 6.20


The package SWF_BND contains 2 programs.

RSWF_BIND_EDIT_TEST Test Program for the Binding Editor
UK_TEST_COND Test Conditions Editor with '/' Names

Message Classes

The package SWF_BND contains 1 message classes.

SWF_BND_001 Nachrichten für die Workflow-Datenflussklasse