Web Dynpro: Controller

Technical Information

Short Text Web Dynpro: Controller

Package Contents

The package SWDP_METADATA_API_CONTROLLER is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SWDP_METADATA_API_CONTROLLER contains 13 database tables.

WDY_CONTROLLER Web Dynpro: Controller
WDY_CONTROLLERT Web Dynpro : Short Text of a Controller
WDY_CTLR_COMPO Web Dynpro: Methods/Events of a Controller
WDY_CTLR_COMPOT Web Dynpro : Short Description Methods/Events
WDY_CTLR_PARAM Web Dynpro: Parameter of a Controller
WDY_CTLR_PARAMT Web Dynpro : Short Texts of Parameters
WDY_CTLR_TEXT Web Dynpro : Text Repository for Controller
WDY_CTLR_USAGE Web Dynpro : Controller Usages
WDY_CTX_ATT_USE Web Dynpro: Use of Context Attributes
WDY_CTX_ATTRIB Web Dynpro: Context Attributes of Controllers
WDY_CTX_MAPPING Web Dynpro: Context Mapping of Controllers
WDY_CTX_NODE Web Dynpro: Context Nodes of Controllers
WDY_FIELDGROUP Web Dynpro: Field Groups of Controllers


The package SWDP_METADATA_API_CONTROLLER contains 10 structures.

WDY_CONTROLLER_ENQUEUE Web Dynpro Workbench Lock Object
WDY_CONTROLLER_KEY Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Controller
WDY_CTLR_COMPO_KEY Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Controller Component
WDY_CTLR_COMPO_SOURCE_VRS Web Dynpro : Source Structure for Version Management
WDY_CTLR_COMPO_VRS Web Dynpro: Controller Component for Version Management
WDY_CTLR_PARAM_KEY Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Parameter
WDY_MD_CONTROLLER_KEY Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Controller
WDY_MD_CONTROLLER_META_DATA Web Dynpro: Meta Data of a View
WDY_SUBSCRIBED_EVENT Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Controller Component
WDY_SUBSCRIBED_INBOUND_PLUG Web Dynpro: Key Structure of a Controller Component