Web Dynpro Runtime for Converted Screens

Technical Information

Short Text Web Dynpro Runtime for Converted Screens
Parent Package SWDP

Package Contents

The package SWDP_DYNPRO_CONVERSION_RUNTIME is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWDP_DYNPRO_CONVERSION_RUNTIME contains 1 function groups.

SDYC Screen -> Web Dynpro Conversion Runtime


The package SWDP_DYNPRO_CONVERSION_RUNTIME contains 4 structures.

WDDYCO_FCODE_LINE Web Dynpro Conversion: Row of FCode Table
WDR_DYCO_2_STRINGTABLES Web Dynpro Conversion Add-In: Prolog and Epilog
WDR_DYCO_ERRSTATE Web Dynpro Screen Conversion: Screen Error State
WDR_DYCO_NAME_CHECK Result of Check for Reserved Names


The package SWDP_DYNPRO_CONVERSION_RUNTIME contains 7 programs.

WDC_AC_GUI_BITS Test Program for Converted Web Dynpros
WDC_AC_MARSHALLING_TEST Test of All Permutations of ABAP Variable and Property Data Types
WDC_AC_OBJ_RECORD_TEST Test Program of All OBJ_RECORD Usages in Automation Commands
WDC_AC_SAP_PICTURE_DEMO Demo for Sap Picture Control
WDC_AC_SAPHTML_EV_DEMO Demo for HTML Control: Processing Control Events in ABAP
WDC_AC_SYNTAX_TEST Different Syntactial Variants of Automation Commands
WDC_AC_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO Example: Column Tree Control (with Documentation)