SAP Package SWD

Business Workflow: Process Definition

Technical Information

Package SWD
Short Text Business Workflow: Process Definition
Parent Package SWF_DEF

Package Contents

The package SWD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWD contains 64 function groups.

SWD_ADHOC_AGENT_SERVICES Functions for Ad Hoc Agent Assignment
SWD_ADHOC_CHANGE WF: Ad Hoc Modification of Agents
SWD_ADHOC_DEFINITION Service Functions for Ad Hoc Definition
SWD_ADHOC_EXTENSION_API Ad Hoc Extension of Workflow
SWD_ADHOC_EXTENSION_TOOLS Management of Ad Hoc Workflows
SWD_ADHOC_SERVICES Internal Service Functions for Ad Hoc
SWD_ADHOC_SIMULATION Ad Hoc Simulation and Start
SWD_ADHOC_TASK_ASSIGNMENT Ad Hoc Selection of Subsequent Task
SWD_ADHOC_VIEWS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWD_FORMACTIONS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWD_FORMS Form Integration
SWD_LOG_SERVICES Encapsulation of Workflow Logging
SWD_PRINTOUT Printout of Workflow Definition
SWD_PROPS Manage Possible Workflow Properties
SWD_PROPS_VIEWS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWD_PROTOCOLS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWD_PROTOCOLS_SERVICES Services for Web Activity Logs
SWD_SIMPLE_CHECKS Detailed Checks in Workflow Builder
SWD_TASK_SERVICES Services for Task Maintenance
SWD_XML XML Interfaces
SWDA_DELTA_HANDLER Delta Handling for Steps
SWDA_SERVICES API: Higher Services
SWDA_STEP_NUMBERING Number Assignment for Steps
SWDB WF: Database Accesses (Write)
SWDB_CONF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SWDB_READ WF: Database Accesses (Read)
SWDB_RUNTIME WF: Database Accesses (Runtime)
SWDB_SERVICES Low-Level Database Services
SWDC WF: Check functions
SWDD WF: Dialog Control
SWDD_ADHOC Redefinition Workflow Builder: Ad Hoc
SWDD_CONFIGURATION Redefinition WF Builder: Configuration
SWDF WF: Change/create/get steps
SWDH WF: Help functions
SWDI WF: Editors
SWDJ WF: Tools for screen manipulation
SWDK WF: Rule-based binding generation
SWDL WF: Translation
SWDM WF: Workflow Explorer
SWDM_RUSED WF: Recently Used List (Generated)
SWDN WF: API for external graphics connection
SWDO WF: Interface to HR-Org
SWDO_RUNTIME WF: Interface to HR Org. (Runtime)
SWDP WF: Dialogs
SWDR_ADMINISTRATION WF: Application Profiles (Admin.)
SWDT WF: Transport connection
SWDU WF: Utilities
SWDV WF: Customizing
SWDV_RUNTIME WF: Customizing WF Editor (Runtime)
SWDW WF: Node type maintenance (generated)
SWDX WF: API (extended functions)
SWDX_CONFIGURE WF: Services for Configuration
SWDX_EXPRESSION WF: Expression Formatting
SWDY WF: API (functions for application)
SWDZ WF: Profile maintenance (generated)


The package SWD contains 13 transactions.

SWDA Alphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDB Create workflow
SWDC Workflow Definition: Administration
SWDC_DEFINITION Workflow Builder Administration
SWDC_INTERNAL Workflow Definition: Administration
SWDC_RUNTIME Maintain Administrator for Runtime
SWDD Workflow Builder
SWDD_CONFIG Workflow Configuration
SWDI Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWDM Business Workflow Explorer
SWDN Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDID
SWDP Show Graphical Workflow Log
SWDS Workflow Builder (Selection)

Database Tables

The package SWD contains 71 database tables.

SWD_BINDEF WF Definition/Runtime: Bindings
SWD_CNTIDX WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWD_CONDEF WF Definition/Runtime: Conditions
SWD_CONT WF Definition: Container (from 610)
SWD_CUSTOM WF: Customizing
SWD_EVNTS WF Definition/Runtime: Events
SWD_EXPR WF Definition: Expressions
SWD_FUNCS WF Definition/Runtime: Functions
SWD_HEADER WF Definition/Runtime: Basic Data
SWD_LEVNTS WF Definition: Local Events
SWD_LEVTTYPS Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers
SWD_LINES WF-Runtime: Lines
SWD_METHOD WF-Definition/Runtime: Methods
SWD_MLINES WF Definition: Lines
SWD_MNODES Workflow Definition: Node Table (Definition)
SWD_NODES WF-Runtime: Nodes (Part 1)
SWD_NODES2 WF-Runtime: Nodes (part 2)
SWD_PROFILE Workflow Profile
SWD_PROPS Possible Properties of a Workflow Definition
SWD_PROPTS WF Definition/Runtime: Functions
SWD_RECUSD WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User
SWD_RTYPES Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers
SWD_RUSED WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User
SWD_STEPS WF-Definition/Runtime: Steps
SWD_TEXT WF definition: Language-dependent texts
SWD_WFCONT Workflow definition: Container
SWD_WFCTXT Workflow definition: Container texts
SWD_WFPERS Workflow: Persistence Profile for Business Workflow
SWDAHEAD Ad Hoc Agents - Header Table
SWDANOTES References to Notes for Ad Hoc Agents
SWDAOBJCTS Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDFACTION Form Types and Actions
SWDHRS1205 Copy of HRS1205 (Last Active Version)
SWDILOG Internal Log for Changes to Workflow Definitions
SWDPCMD Web Activity: Possible Functions
SWDPCMDT Web Activity: Possible Functions (Text)
SWDPEXCP Web Activity: Possible Exceptions
SWDPEXCPT Web Activity: Possible Exceptions (Text)
SWDPGRPHDR Web Activity: Log Group
SWDPGRPPRT Web Activity: Log of a Log Group
SWDPGRPTXT Web Activity: Log Group (Text)
SWDPHEADER Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Header Data
SWDPOPERS Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Operations
SWDPPRCMD Web Activity: Possible Functions Within a Log
SWDPPRCMEX Web Activity: Exceptions Within a Function
SWDPTEXTS Web Activity: Long Texts for Transmission Protocols
SWDSBINDEF WF Definition: Bindings
SWDSCNTIDX WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWDSCONDEF WF Definition: Conditions
SWDSCONT WF Definition: Container (from 610)
SWDSDSTEPS WF Definition: Definition-Relevant Steps Only
SWDSEVNTS WF Definition: Events
SWDSEXPR WF Definition: Expressions
SWDSFORMS WF Definition: Forms
SWDSFUNCS WF Definition: Functions
SWDSGLOBAL WF Definition: Cross-Version Basic Data
SWDSHEADER WF Definition: Basic Data
SWDSLEVNTS WF Definition: Local Events
SWDSLOCKS Lock table
SWDSMETHOD WF Definition: Methods
SWDSMLINES WF Definition: Lines
SWDSMNODES WF Definition: Nodes
SWDSPROPTS WF Definition: Properties
SWDSSTEPS WF Definition: Steps
SWDSTASKS WF Definition: Tasks
SWDSTEXT WF definition: Language-dependent texts
SWDSWFCONT WF Definition: Container (Up To 46D)
SWDSWFCTXT WF Definition: Container Text (All Releases)
TETYP Workflow Definition: Node Types (Central)
TETYT Workflow editor: Node types (texts)


The package SWD contains 1 views.

SWDVCUSTOM Workflow Definition: Customizing for WF Editor


The package SWD contains 232 structures.

SWD_ACONT Step Container
SWD_ADH_ID Ad Hoc Object: Key Field for BOR
SWD_ADHEXT Ad Hoc Workflows
SWD_AEVNTS Display Structure Events
SWD_AFLOW Complete Workflow Definition
SWD_AGENT WF: Detail screen for agent assignment in WF editor
SWD_AHEAD Header Data for Workflow Definition
SWD_ALINES Workflow Definition: Interface for API (Lines)
SWD_ANCHOR Node and Insertable Tasks
SWD_API_LG Workflow Log
SWD_API_PR WF: Name Value Pair
SWD_API_WIS Work Items
SWD_APIXML Structure for XML Output of Workflow Log
SWD_APROPTS Attributes, Internal Display
SWD_ASTEP API: Step Definition
SWD_BLOSTR Workflow definition: Block structure
SWD_BUFKEY Key for Workflow Definitions in Shared Buffer
SWD_BUTTON WF: EATAB buttons for screens
SWD_CASE Workflow Definition: STEP/LOOP Step Type 'CASE'
SWD_CDYNP Workflow definition: EATAB for customizing
SWD_CHKLST Checklist as Tree Structure
SWD_CLIP Clipboard
SWD_CNTELE Internal Representation of a Container Element Definition
SWD_CNTKEY Container Key
SWD_COMBO WF: Structure for COMBOBOX for domain fixed values
SWD_CONTLI WF: Container List Item - Entry in Container List
SWD_CONTWU WF: Where-Used List for Container Elements
SWD_DATA Workflow Definition: Help Structure
SWD_DEADLN Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Deadline)
SWD_DECIS Workflow definition: Structure for user decision
SWD_DECSN Workflow definition: Manual decision
SWD_DEXETYP Workflow Type and Description
SWD_DF14T WF: Application component
SWD_DPROPS All Properties
SWD_DYNDEL Workflow definition: EATAB for deletion dynpro
SWD_DYNEVT Workflow definition: EATAB for assignment exist./new events
SWD_DYNSUC Workflow definition: EATAB for assignment event -> function
SWD_DYUTIL Workflow definition: Help screen fields WF editor
SWD_EDITOR Workflow Definition: Editor Control Structure
SWD_EDYNP Workflow definition: EATAB for expressions for deadlines
SWD_EOTYPE Object Category and Object Type for Events
SWD_ERROR Workflow Definition: Error Checking a Workflow
SWD_EVENT Screen Structure for Triggering Events
SWD_EVENTS WF: Subsequent events (results, events, exceptions, ...)
SWD_EXCEPT Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Exceptions)
SWD_EXITS Program Exits
SWD_F4_PROP Display Structure for Attributes
SWD_F4PARA For Input Help and Check: Allowed Expressions/C. Elements
SWD_FDYNP WF: Structure for search in workflow definition
SWD_FLDNAM Workflow Definition: Field Names
SWD_FNCTNS WF: Functions as pushbuttons on work item display
SWD_FNDTSK WF: Structure for Search Function in Workflow Explorer
SWD_FORK Workflow definition: Step type 'FORK'
SWD_FRAME Workflow definition: Group box texts
SWD_FSTEPS Hit List of Search for Steps
SWD_HDYNP WF definition: EATAB header definition
SWD_HRTEXT Query Abbreviation and Name of Workflow Template
SWD_HTMLCO WF: Title and Command When Click for HTML Viewer
SWD_IADACT Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_ICON Icon and Text
SWD_IEVENT Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Results Step)
SWD_IEVNTS Workflow Definition: Events in Workflow Builder
SWD_IF Workflow Definition: Step Type 'IF'
SWD_IFDYNP Condition
SWD_IFLOW Complete Workflow Definition
SWD_IFUNCS Functions
SWD_ILOCEVT Local Events as Internal Table
SWD_IMETHD Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_INSERT Workflow definition: EATAB selection workflow task
SWD_INTKEY Workflow definition: Internal key structure for WFDKEY
SWD_IPOSMT Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_IPREMT Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_IPROPTS Attributes, Internal Display
SWD_ITASKS Tasks Referenced Directly in Workflow Buffer
SWD_LDYNP WF: Request loop index for graphical step log
SWD_LLINES WF: Lines for presentation without EPCs
SWD_LSLINE Workflow Definition: Line ID
SWD_LSTNOD Workflow Definition: Node ID
SWD_MESSAG Workflow definition: Message structure
SWD_MOTYPE Object Category and Object Type for Methoden
SWD_MTHDS WF: Secondary methods already used
SWD_NAVCOM Command Structure
SWD_NAVPRO Navigation Tree im Workflow Editor
SWD_NAVSTK Navigation Stack for Workflow Builder
SWD_NAVSTR Navigation Tree im Workflow Editor
SWD_NLINES Workflow Definition: Interface for API (Lines)
SWD_NODEIDS Node IDs for Navigation
SWD_NODEKEY Workflow Definition: Node Key
SWD_NODETAB Tabs for Node Types
SWD_NTYPE_SS Subscreen Definition
SWD_NTYPES2 Node Types
SWD_NXTDIA Next Text to Be Displayed in HTML Control
SWD_NXTNOD Workflow Definition: Subsequent Node during Activation
SWD_ODYNP WF: Screen Structure for Configuration
SWD_OPTION Screen Structure for Personalization
SWD_OTHERS WF: Other fields
SWD_OTYPE Object Category and Object Type
SWD_PDYNP Print View
SWD_PERSON Personalization Structure for Workflow Builder
SWD_PRAFI WF: Work Items
SWD_PRAPI WF: Application-Specific Profiles: Relevant References
SWD_PRKEYS WF: Key structure for application-specific profiles
SWD_PROTCL Settings for XML Data Transfer
SWD_PRREPS Report and Variant
SWD_PRSPRF Workflow: Persistence Profile for Business Workflow
SWD_PRVARS Variables
SWD_PRWF WF: Structures for checkboxes for printing WF def.
SWD_REASGN Workflow Definition: IOTAB Reassign Event
SWD_RESULT Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Results)
SWD_RETURN Workflow Definition: Error Message
SWD_REVIEW Display Review Workflows
SWD_REVWFS Review Workflows
SWD_RSTREE Workflow Definition: Node Structure for Tree
SWD_RULEAT Rule Attribute
SWD_SAFLAG WF: Search Area Structure (FLAGS)
SWD_SAOBJ WF: Search Area Structure (Object Method)
SWD_SAOPT Workflow Explorer Program Settings (Search Area)
SWD_SARE WF: Search Area Structure (Storage in Program)
SWD_SAREA WF: Search Area Structure (Storage in Cluster)
SWD_SBIND Workflow definition: Binding (runtime+definition)
SWD_SCONT Workflow definition: Container
SWD_SCRLEXP Correlations
SWD_SCUST Step Customizing
SWD_SDYNP Screen Structure for Step Definition
SWD_SELECT Workflow definition: Help structure for dynamic select
SWD_SETYPE Type & Category of Objects in Persistent Object References
SWD_SEVNTS Events for Rule-Based Workflow
SWD_SFLOW Structure for a Workflow Runtime Representation
SWD_SFUNCS Workflow Definition: Program Exits (Runtime)
SWD_SHEAD Workflow definition: Basic data (runtime+definition)
SWD_SLEVNTS Local Events and Exceptions
SWD_SLINES Workflow definition: Lines (runtime)
SWD_SMETHO Workflow definition: Secondary methods (runtime+definition)
SWD_SNODES Workflow definition: Node table (runtime)
SWD_SPROPTS Runtime Structure: Attributes
SWD_SRTTSK WF: Data for Sorting Tasks in WF Explorer
SWD_SSEL Workflow Definition: EATAB Choose Step/Operator
SWD_SSTEPS Workflow Definition: Steps (Runtime + Definition)
SWD_STBIND Workflow Definition: Binding for Steps (Temporary)
SWD_STEVTS Triggering Events
SWD_SUCCES Workflow definition: Internal events (results)
SWD_SUPIF Available and Supported Interfaces
SWD_SWIML Swimlanes
SWD_TASKS WF: All tasks in steps of workflow definition
SWD_TDYNP Workflow definition: EATAB for technical data
SWD_TECH Global Switch for Workflow Builder
SWD_TETYP Node Type in Detail (with Texts)
SWD_TLINES WF: Lines with text
SWD_TRANSL Workflow definition: Translation
SWD_TRECOL Workflow Explorer: Structure of Tree Columns
SWD_TREE Example structure for simple tree OCX
SWD_TREEIT Example structure for simple tree OCX
SWD_TREOPT Workflow Explorer: Personal Setting - COLUMN Tree
SWD_TS_HEAD Tab Page Buttons for Steps
SWD_TS_STEP Tab Page Buttons for Steps
SWD_TSKHIE WF: Environ. determination: Tasks in parent-child hierarchy
SWD_TSKLST WF: Explorer Task List
SWD_TSKSEL WF: Extended task selection
SWD_TSTCS SAP Transaction Codes (Structure)
SWD_UNDO WF: UNDO function of Workflow editor
SWD_UNTIL Workflow Definition: Step Type 'UNTIL'
SWD_USCUST WF: User Settings Workflow Editor/Log
SWD_USELST WF: List of task and node IDs for where-used list
SWD_VERSION Workflow Header for Version Display
SWD_VERSNS Versions of a Workflow
SWD_WEBFCT Functions for Web Activity Depending on Logs
SWD_WEBROC Router Classes for Web Activity for Each Log
SWD_WFDKEY Key Structure for All Workflow Definition Tables
SWD_WFDWIZ Workflow Definition: Key Structure for all DB Tables
SWDAAGNT Ad Hoc Agents: Technical and Detailed Names
SWDAFAGNT All Agents of Step with Error Indicators
SWDAGUID Structure for 32-Byte GUID for Use in BOR
SWDCIMNODE Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Def.)
SWDCOMPEVT Old Structure for Terminating Events
SWDD_DEMO WF: Screen Structure for Demo Application-Specific Profiles
SWDIAPI_PR WF: Name Value Pair
SWDIAPIAGT Agent for Workflow
SWDIAPINDA Node and Agent in Workflow Log
SWDIAPINOD Node in Workflow Log
SWDIBINDEF Workflow definition: Include structure for binding
SWDICHGLOG Date, Release and User upon Creation and Change
SWDICNTIDX Container Index
SWDIDSTEPS Step Properties for WF Definition (Not Runtime)
SWDIEVNTS Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Runtime)
SWDIFORMS Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Forms
SWDIFUNC WF Definition: Function Module/Method
SWDIGLOBAL Include Structure for Cross-Version Data
SWDIHEADER WF: Include Structure for Header Data
SWDILINES Workflow definition: Include structure for lines (runtime)
SWDIMETHOD Workflow definition: Include structure for secondary methods
SWDIMLINES Workflow definition: Include structure for lines (def.)
SWDIMNODES Workflow definition: Include structure for nodes (def.)
SWDINODES Workflow definition: Include structure for nodes (runtime)
SWDINODES2 Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Runtime)
SWDIOBJCTS Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDIPREDITORS Header Data for Application Profile for WF Builder
SWDIPRHEAD Header Data for Application Profile for WF Builder
SWDISFORM Workflow Definition: Include Structure for START Forms
SWDISTEPS Workflow definition: Include structure steps (runtime+def.)
SWDITASKS Tasks Referenced Directly from Workflow Definition
SWDIWFCONT Workflow definition: Include structure for container
SWDIWFCTXT Workflow definition: Include structure for container texts
SWDKFUNC Workflow Definition: Key for Function Module/Method
SWDKOBJCTS Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDKPROPTS Workflow Definition: Key for Attributes
SWDRULES WF: Rules according to which binding is defined
SWDSENTRY Entry in Undo-Redo Stack
SWDURLDEF Wizard-Driven Definition of URL
SWDUSSTRIP WF: User-defined tab page in WI display
SWF_CLSEVT Workflow Definition: Object Type, Class, Event
SWF_CLSMTH Workflow: Object Type, Class Name, Method
SWF_STGUID Workflow: GUID of Step Definition
SWFARNODID Row Type for Range Tab of Node ID
SWFDBNDEXP WF Definition: Structure for Def. Binding with Expression
SWFDCLSMTH Workflow Definition: Method + Object Reference (Container)
SWFDSTEP Line and Step


The package SWD contains 54 programs.

RSWD_DEMO_ADHOC Demo for Ad Hoc Interface
RSWD_DEMO_ASYNCHRONOUS_RULES Verify Asynchronous Rule Resolution
RSWD_DEMO_AUTOMATION_CREATE Workflow Builder: Verification of Automation Interface
RSWD_DEMO_AUTOMATION_UPDATE Workflow Builder: Verification of Automation Interface
RSWD_DEMO_BUILDER_AUTOMATION Workflow Builder: Verification of Automation Interface
RSWD_DEMO_CREATE_ENVIRONMENT Create Demo Environment: User and Organizational Unit
RSWD_DEMO_REVIEWER Demo for the Reviewer Programming Interface
RSWD_DEMO_SIMULATION Simulate and Execute Workflow Start
RSWD_DEMO_START Demo for Ad Hoc Interface
RSWDACT0 WF: Activate Workflow Definition(s) Without Workflow Editor
RSWDACT1 Generate Runtime Version of WI Definition
RSWDACTIVATE Activate Versions of a Workflow Definition
RSWDADHOC WF: Call Workflow Builder in Ad Hoc Mode
RSWDCLRBUF Program to delete shared buffer
RSWDCONF WF: Call Workflow Editor in Change Mode
RSWDCONF_DB_MAINTENANCE WF: Maintain Configuration
RSWDCOR0 WF: Activate Workflow Definition
RSWDCOR1 WF: Workflow Template: Move Texts from Source to Target Language
RSWDCOR2 WF: Repair: Correct Latest Start and Requested End
RSWDCOR4 WF: Correct Container with Respect to Case Differences
RSWDCOR5 WS: Reference Date/Time to Expressions Deleted After Upgrade
RSWDCOR6 Eliminates Upgrade Inconsistencies
RSWDCOR7 WS: Remove Remains of Deleted Workflow Definition
RSWDCOR8 WF: Correct Task in SWWWIHEAD Table
RSWDDCOR WF: Compare Workflow Definitions between PD and WF
RSWDDIAGNOSIS WF: Are there nodes that are not referenced at all?
RSWDEXP1 WF: Workflow Explorer
RSWDEXP2 WF: Service Function Workflow Explorer -> Delete Search Range
RSWDEXP3 Transfer User Settings for Workflow Explorer
RSWDLOG Technical Log for Workflow Definition
RSWDPROF WF: Call Workflow Editor Without Task Level
RSWDSTRT WF: Call Workflow Editor in Change Mode
RSWDSTRTA WF: Call Workflow Editor in Change Mode
RSWDSTRTC WF: Call Workflow Editor in Change Mode
RSWDSTRTS WF: Call Workflow Editor in Change Mode
RSWDSY01 WF: Steps+Lines (Definition Structure)
RSWDSY02 WF: Steps+Lines (Runtime Structure)
RSWDSY03 Steps, Lines and Blocks (Network Interface)
RSWDVER0 WF: Verification: SLIN for object types
RSWDVER1 WF: Verification: Are several WF versions available in one release?
RSWDVER2 WF: Repair: Correct Latest Start and Requested End
RSWDVER5 WF: Are there nodes that are not referenced at all?
RSWDVER6 WF: Are there blocks that are not referenced at all?
RSWDVER7 Verification for Transport
RSWDVER8 Check Whether NO Definition Exists for the Workflow Templates
RSWDVERCNT WF: Verification of Container Elements
RSWDXML Workflow Log as XML Data Stream