SAP Package SWB

Business Workflow: Condition Editor & Start Conditions

Technical Information

Package SWB
Short Text Business Workflow: Condition Editor & Start Conditions
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SWB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SWB contains 6 function groups.

SWB1 Workflow: Interactive Condition Editor
SWB2 WF: Conditions (Runtime)
SWB3 WF: Start Conditions
SWB4 WF: Gen. Maint. Dialog for SAP Defaults
SWB5 Runtime - Condition Systems
SWB6 Definition - Condition Systems


The package SWB contains 5 transactions.

SWB_COND Maintain Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_COND_DISPLAY Display Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_PROCUREMENT Maintain B2B Start Conditions
SWB3 Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4 Display Start Conditions

Database Tables

The package SWB contains 8 database tables.

SWBRULEBIN WF: Runtime Representation of a Rule
SWBRULECOM WF: Client-specific start conditions
SWBRULECOU WF: Connecting Condition/Context to Event Linkage
SWBRULEHDR WF: Header Table for Managing a Rule System
SWBRULETXT WF: Language-Dependent Texts for Rules and Rule Systems
SWBSAPDFLT SAP Default Values for Prog./Trans./FMs (Applic.-Specific)
SWBTESTCUR Test Table for Currency Translation
SWBUSRDFLT Default Values of SAP User for Prog./Trans./FMs


The package SWB contains 18 structures.

RSWB_COND Structure for conditions
RSWB_COND1 Structure for conditions
RSWB_COND2 Structure for Conditions (indiv.fields)
SWB_ANLSYS Workflow Condition Editor Result Analysis
SWB_COND Structure for conditions
SWB_COND_S Structure for conditions
SWB_ERROR Structure for Handling Errors
SWB_LDAT_S Structure for conditions
SWB_LDATA Structure for conditions
SWB_LKEY Key for Workflow Condition Line
SWB_NODES WF: Node Structure for Container Tree
SWBCOUPLNG WF: Transfer structure for rules/start condition/linkage
SWBCURREF Structure for a value field with currency reference
SWBDEFAULT Default Values for a Transaction, a Program, an FM
SWBFINDITM WF: Structure for Searching for Items in Container Tree
SWBOCXCNI Condition structure: Container OCX items
SWBOCXCNT Condition structure: Container OCX presentation


The package SWB contains 2 programs.

RULETEST1 Test Report Rule Systems

Search Helps

The package SWB contains 2 search helps.

SWBAPCPTXT Search Help for Entering an Application Component
SWBAPPCOMP Search Help for Entering an Application Component