SAP Package SW3_API


Technical Information

Package SW3_API
Short Text ITS: API
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SW3_API is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SW3_API contains 5 function groups.

SETRAN Transaction information
SIAC_VERSION_MANAGEMENT Version Management Interface
W3_API_MINIAPP Interface for MiniApp Library
W3_API_UTILITIES WAB: Utilities for the API
W3_DEVTYPE Device Type Management

Database Tables

The package SW3_API contains 21 database tables.

IACFLOW INDX file for HTML templates (cross-language)
SW3M_ADMIN Administration Table for MiniApp Catalog
SW3M_ADMT Short Texts for MiniApp Catalog
SW3M_ATTR MiniApp Attributes
SW3M_ATTRC Customizing Data for WebApps
SW3M_PARAM MiniApp Parameters
SW3M_PARAT Parameter Description for a MiniApp
W3CROSS WAB: Use in ITS Objects
W3DEVAPP Relationship Between Application and Device Type
W3DEVTYPE Device types
W3DEVTYPT Device Types Short Text
W3ERROBJECTS ITS: List of Objects with Data Errors (Not Readable)
W3HEXCONV ITS: Conversion Table for Data Storage
W3HTMLT WAB: Texts for HTML Files
W3HTRCT WAB: Texts for Themes
W3JSCRT WAB: Texts for JavaScript Files
W3MIMET WAB: Texts for MIME Objects
W3PUBDIR WAB: Publish Directory for Objects
W3SERINTP WAB: Interface Parameters for Services
W3SERINTPT WAB: Texts for Interface Parameters for Services
W3SERVICET Short Text for Internet Services


The package SW3_API contains 25 structures.

ISW3_ADM Include Structure for WebApp Management
ISW3_ATTR Include Structure for WebApp Attributes
ISW3_ATTRC Customizing Data for WebApps
W3BHTMLPURESEQUENCE BHTML Sequence Without Comments and Line Breaks
W3BHTMLTAGINFORMATION BHTML: Position of Tags (BHTL, Comments - Start, End)
W3CONVKEY ITS: Key for Converting Entry Name from Short -> Long
W3DEVAPPS Relationships Between Application and Device Type
W3DEVAPPWP Device Dependency of Transactions: Transfer Structure
W3FLOWATTR ITS: Flow Logic Properties
W3ISTDEVS Cross Transport Problem
W3JSCRATTR ITS: Attributes for JavaScript Files
W3MATTR Attribute structure for Workplace for Web Applications
W3MIMLATTR ITS: Attributes for Language-Specific MIME Objects
W3PARAM_O Old Structure for the Old PlugIn
W3RESOATTR ITS: Attributes for Resource Files
W3RESOKEY ITS: Language Resource Key
W3RESOPARA ITS: Parameters for Resource File
W3SERINTPS WAB: Interface Parameters for a Service (Screen Fields)
W3SERVATTR ITS: Service Attributes
W3SERVPARA ITS: Service Parameters
W3TEMLATTR ITS: Attributes for Language-Specific Templates
W3TEMPATTR ITS: Attributes for Templates


The package SW3_API contains 8 programs.

W3_CONVERT_FLOW_STREAM_TABLE Converting Flow Repository from Stream to Table Format
W3_GENERATE_HEXCONV ITS: Program for Generating the Contents of the Hex Conversion Table
W3_IMPORT_MIME Web Application Builder:Import of MIME object via Remote Function Call
W3_IMPORT_TEMPLATE Web Application Builder:Import of template via Remote Function Call
W3_MIME_BACKSLASH_SLASH WAB: Conversion of backslashes to slashes in MIME names
W3_RESOURCE_PARAMETER_CLEAN_UP Resource File Parameter Clean-Up
W3_SEARCH_TEMPLATE_SOURCE WAB: Search for string in template source (HTML)
W3_SERVICES_ILLEGAL_PARAMETERS WAB: Display/delete service parameters not suited for delivery

Message Classes

The package SW3_API contains 1 message classes.

W3_API WAB: Nachrichten zur API