SAP Package SURL

URL Generation

Technical Information

Package SURL
Short Text URL Generation
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SURL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SURL contains 7 function groups.

SUR0 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
URL_CACHE_API Interface for WP Runtime Data
URL_DATAPROVIDER Read Data for URL Generation
URL_DEVICES Device Types for URL Generation
URL_PERSONALIZATION Personalization for URL Generation
URL_TESTING Test Options for URL Generation


The package SURL contains 6 transactions.

S_WP_CACHE_RELOAD Load Workplace Runtime Data
S_WP_LOGSYS_ON_OFF WP Systems: Configure Availability
SURL_LAUNCHPAD_TEST LaunchPad Generation: Test
SURL_PERS_ADMIN Personalization for URL Gen. Admin.
SURL_PERS_USER Personalization for URL Gen. User
SURL_SINGLE_GEN_TEST LaunchPad & URL Generation: Test

Database Tables

The package SURL contains 16 database tables.

TWPLGRPLNG Table for Matching Logon Groups for Languages
TWPLNGLNG Conversion Table for Logon Languages (WP on Component Sys.)
TWPOBJOBJ WP Runtime: Compatibility Between Objects
TWPSRVCLSS Runtime for Service Classification (Workplace Server)
TWPSRVDEVI WP Runtime: Dependencies of Services on End Devices
TWPSRVLOGS Runtime for Release Status of Logical System (Workplace Srv)
TWPSRVOBJ WP Runtime: Assignment of Services to Business Objects
TWPSRVPARM Runtime: URL Parameter for Services
TWPSRVPART Text Table for Web Application Parameters (WP Runtime)
TWPSRVSFIN Runtime: Service File Name & Attribute (Workplace Server)
TWPSRVTXTS WP Runtime: Text for Services
TWPURLPATH Paths for Different Web Server Types
TWPURLSVR Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems
USRSYSLNG User's Language in a System
USRURLPRS Table for Personalization of Services
USRURLSVR Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems (User-Specific)


The package SURL contains 2 views.



The package SURL contains 18 structures.

ATTR_TBL Structure for Service Attribute Tables
IOBJFLAVOR Object Type Flavors for Services
IOBJLSOBJ Structure for Data Transfer of Object Compatibility
ISTCCLAS_C Structure for FM for Transferring TSTCCLASS (Caller)
ISTCDEVS_C Structure for Device-Specific Data for Transactions (Caller)
ISYSLAN_C Logon Languages Available in Component System (Caller)
ITASK12_C Excerpt from HRS1201 for Task Description (Caller)
IUSERLAN_C Structure for User and Logon Language (Caller)
IWPSRVPARM Structure for Internal Tables for Parameters for Services
IWPURLSVR Include for Logical Web Server for Logical Systems
THRPCLAS_C UI Classification for Customer Order Workflow (T) (Caller)
THRSCLAS_C UI Classification for Standard Order Workflow (TS) (Caller)
UIDEPEND Structure for the UI Classification Dependencies
URL_PARAMS Structure for Parameter Pairs in URLs
URL_TBL Structure for URL Tables
URLTRNS Structure of Translation Table for URL Generation
URLTYPES Structure for URL Types
WPOBJTC_C Transaction Code for Object Type Assignment (Caller)


The package SURL contains 4 programs.

RWP_LOGSYS_SWITCH_ON_OFF Workplace Component Systems: Configure Availability
RWP_RUNTIME_CACHE_RELOAD Reload Runtime Information for the Workplace Server
RWP_RUNTIME_CACHE_RELOAD_FULL Reload Runtime Information for the Workplace Server
RWP_RUNTIME_CACHE_RELOAD_LOCAL Reload Runtime Information for the Workplace Server

Search Helps

The package SURL contains 4 search helps.

SH_TBDLS Search Help for TBDLS After Narrowing Down TWPURLSVR
SH_TSTC_URL Search Help Using Tables TSTC and TSTCCLASS
SH_TWPURLSVR Search Help Using the Logical Systems in TWPURLSVR
SH_URL_LAISO ISO Code for Language

Message Classes

The package SURL contains 1 message classes.

URL_GEN_MSGS Meldungen für die URL-Generierung