SAP Package SUMO

Support for Modification Adjustment

Technical Information

Package SUMO
Short Text Support for Modification Adjustment
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SUMO is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SUMO contains 3 function groups.

STOR Break Down Objects: R3TR Objects
SUMO Support for Modification Adjustment
SUMP Support for Modification Adjustment


The package SUMO contains 2 transactions.

SPAU Display Modified DE Objects
SPDD Display Modified DDIC Objects

Database Tables

The package SUMO contains 5 database tables.

HOTIEXPERT Experts for Interface Changes
UMODHDR Upgrade Modification Information
UMODOBJ Upgrade Modification Information: Objects
UMODREL Conversion Table Release (R3up <=> SPDD)


The package SUMO contains 1 structures.

UMODMCOD Matchcodes Modified by Customer


The package SUMO contains 14 programs.

RADFDSAV Report for Finding Fields with Risk of Being Deleted
RADTBTSP Report for Maintaining the TSPDD
RSPROCAI Resolving All I-Flags
RSPROCIM Version Management: Resolving I-Flag for an Object
RSUMOD01 Determine SAP Objects in the Upgrade with Customer Modifications
RSUMOD02 Modification Adjustment: Dictionary
RSUMOD03 Determine Modified Objects for Development Environment
RSUMOD04 Modification Adjustment: Repository
RSUMOD0X Determine Modified Objects for Development Environment
RSUMOD10 Determine Modification Class After Import
RSUMOD20 Special Handling of IS Tables
RSUMODCE Handle Modified Objects in Customer-Based Upgrade
RUTIXRES Restoring Customer Indexes in the ABAP Dictionary

Message Classes

The package SUMO contains 1 message classes.