SAP Package STUA

Application Monitor

Technical Information

Package STUA
Short Text Application Monitor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STUA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STUA contains 9 function groups.

AIEV INIT Event for application programs
ASTAT Eval. application-triggered statistics
ASTAT_SAP_FUNKT Customizing SAP Functions Appl. Stats
ASTAT_TEXT Service Modules Analysis ASTAT
ASTAT_TRIG Trace Marker for Application Statistics
R3QS_RFCS Fetch Infos for Quick Sizer
SCAG_QS Customer Usage Analysis Group:Quicksizer
STAM Functions for application monitor
STDT Data transfer for application monitor


The package STUA contains 3 transactions.

ASACT Activate Application Stat. Types
ASOKEY Definition of SAP Function OPENKEY
ST07 Application monitor

Database Tables

The package STUA contains 4 database tables.

ARCH_OHEAD Archive File Overhead
ASTAT_OKDF Definition of OPENKEYS for Application-Triggered Statistics
ASTAT_OKTX Short Texts for SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered Statistics
TAM0T Application Monitor: Texts


The package STUA contains 1 views.

ASTAT_VOKD Definitions of SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered Statistics


The package STUA contains 20 structures.

AMDTI Appication Monitor for Selections, Output
AMON70 Structure for Selection Screen of Report RSAMON70
ASTAT_CONU Numeric Fields for Summarized Application Statistics
ASTAT_LIST List structure for application-triggered statistics
ASTAT_OTX2 Texts and Types for Cross-Type OPENKEYS
ASTAT_OTX3 Texts and Types for Cross-Type OPENKEYS
ASTAT_RECO Basis record for application-triggered statistics
ASTAT_SFLD Statistics: Display Single Record Information
ASTAT_SFNC Statistics: Display Single Record Information
ASTAT_SHDR Header for Single Records
ASTAT_SPRO Statistics: Display Single Record Information
ASTAT_WKLK Process Hierarchy
R3QSNTSRFC Transfer Structure for Width of Tables
RS07A Application monitor - In/output text quantity structure
RS07A1 Application monitor quantity structure I/O fields
RS07B Application monitor SAPMS07A output fields
RS07C Parameters for application monitor SAPMS07A
RS07D Application monitor DB memory allocation: I/O cursor cache
SCAG_QS_I SCAG_QS: Transfer Structure


The package STUA contains 19 programs.

RSAMON20 Application Monitor: Database Memory Usage
RSAMON21 Application monitor: Display current table analyses
RSAMON22 Application Monitor: DB Cursor Cache - Display
RSAMON29 Assign application monitor
RSAMON2R Application monitor: DB cursor cache - data selection
RSAMON30 Application Monitor: SAP Buffer
RSAMON31 Application Monitor: Database Accesses
RSAMON40 Save Compressed ST07 Records
RSAMON41 ST07 history data summarization
RSAMON42 Pass application profiles to SCUI
RSAMON50 Application monitor: Response times
RSAMON60 Application monitor - quantity structure
RSAMON70 Application Monitor: Tables and Index Check
RSAMON71 Retrieval of Data Basis for Analysis in RSAMON70
RSDBTANA Analysis of Memory Used by Tables and Indexes in the Database
RSDBTANV Application monitor: DB memory space - Set parameters
RSDSFILE DB Statistics Data on Sequential File
RSORA122 Content of AMDS to sequential file
SAPMS07A Application Monitor Initial Screen

Message Classes

The package STUA contains 2 message classes.

ASTAT Nachrichten für die anwendungsgetriggerten Statistiken
V9 Meldungen für Anwendungsmonitor