SAP Package STU3

Development Class for Database Monitor

Technical Information

Package STU3
Short Text Development Class for Database Monitor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STU3 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STU3 contains 5 function groups.

STU3 FM for DB2/390 DB monitor
STU3_ADMIN SAP Collector administration functions
STU3_ALERTS Functions that deal with DB2 IFI READA
STU3_EXPLAIN Functions dealing with SQL EXPLAIN
STU3_NETWORK Collection of network statistics


The package STU3 contains 2 transactions.

DB2D DB2 for OS/390 - Deadlock Monitor
DB2W Workload Manager Monitor

Database Tables

The package STU3 contains 37 database tables.

DB2GLOTIME DB2 global times with V8
DB2IFITRC DB2/390: IFI Server Information
DB2LOCKESCAL DB2 alert for lock escalations
DB2LODLK RFC - Deadlock Table
DB2LODRS RFC - Deadlock Resources
DB2LOGS RFC - Active Log Shortage
DB2LOTHW RFC - Timeout Waiter and Holder
DB2LOTRS RFC - Timeout Resources
DB2LRUR RFC - Long Running URs
DB2MISC Miscellaneous CCMS on DB2 for z/OS settings and properties
DB2NETSTATS Contains network statistics collected by DB2 Connect
DB2QBGAT DB2MONI: thread details
DB2QBSTT DB2 CL - Buffer manager statitics block
DB2QCLDBT IFI Collector Table
DB2QCLREQ DB2 CL - Interface
DB2QLODLK RFC - Deadlock Table
DB2QLODRS RFC - Deadlock Resources
DB2QLOGS RFC - Active Log Shortage
DB2QLOTHW RFC - Timeout Waiter and Holder
DB2QLOTRS RFC - Timeout Resources
DB2QLRUR RFC - Long Running URs
DB2QSYSW1 Table holding different DB2 IFI statistics values
DB2QTBLX RFC - Table Extents
DB2QTHDDSC content dynamic statement cache
DB2QTHDDTL DB2MONI: thread details
DB2QTHDLR DB2 CL - Locked Resources for a thread
DB2QTHDLST ST04: DB2 thread overview
DB2QW0225 DB2 IFCID 225 - DBM1 virtual storage monitoring
DB2QW199 DB2 IFI 199 - Data sets statistics
DB2QWHCT Correlation Data Mapping
DB2QWPT1 DB2 installation parameters (sec. part: DB2QWPT2)
DB2QWPT2 DB2 installation parameters (first part: DB2QWPT1)
DB2RFCCONN RFC - Connection
DB2SQLLONG Contains long SQL statement texts
DB2TBLX RFC - Table Extents
STU3COTABC Definition of DB2 OS/390 and OS/390 Commands(Customer Table)
STU3COTABS Definition of DB2 for OS/390 and OS/390 Commands (SAP Table)


The package STU3 contains 74 structures.

DB2CONTEND Structure for ALV grid (History Content end time)
DB2CONTENT Structure for list of history content
DB2CONTSTR Structure for ALV grid (History Content start time)
DB2CQDBPC Buffer Manager Dynamic Pool Attributes
DB2DB13C Structure to allow RFC parameters with DB13C
DB2DEADLK RFC - Deadlock Structure
DB2DEADLKC RFC - Deadlock Structure
DB2DEADRS RFC - Deadlock Structure Resources, Holder and Waiter
DB2DEADRSC RFC - Deadlock Structure Resources, Holder and Waiter
DB2DSCHDR Header for statement cache statistics
DB2DSMEM Information concerning a DB2 data sharing group member
DB2DSSHDR Header for Data Set Statistics
DB2HEADER Misc. data relevant for the common header area
DB2HISTGRD DB2 for OS/390: Structure for grid history processing
DB2IFI313C DB2/390: Structure for Long-Running Units of Recovery
DB2INT02 Test Structure for Integer 2
DB2JCLSTAT Status of JCL utilities
DB2LOCKRES Resources locked by a thread
DB2LOCKSC Locked Resources for a Thread
DB2NETSTR Structure for network statistics collected by DB2 Connect
DB2NQW03 Number of Waiters and Holders on a Resource
DB2PINPR Page-ins per pages read
DB2QBSTC Buffer Manager Statistics Block
DB2QDBPC Buffer Manager Dynamic Pool Attributes
DB2QR4H DB2 for OS/390: Structure for history processing status
DB2QSST DB2 Perf. Manag. Data: Storage Manager Data
DB2QSTCC Structure for Statement Trace
DB2QVLS Statistics record latch manager
DB2QVLSSEC Statistics record latch manager: Per Second
DB2QVLSTAB Statistics record latch manager: table reference
DB2QW0199 Structure for Data Set Statistics
DB2QW0254 Statistics CF Cache Structure Data
DB2QW0316 Structure for Statement Trace
DB2QW0317 dynamic statement cache: SQL STATEMENT
DB2QW225 IFCID 0225 shows usage of virtual storage of DBM1
DB2QWP124 DB2 V8 additions to QWP1/2/4
DB2QWP1C Installation Parameters (DSN6SYSP)
DB2QWP2C Installation Parameter (LOG)
DB2QWP3C DB2/OS390 Installation Parameter (Archive)
DB2QWP4C Instrumentation Mapping for System Initialization Parameter
DB2QWP5 Instrumentation Mapping for System Initialization Parameter
DB2QWP5C Instrumentation Mapping for System Initialization Parameter
DB2QWP7 Flag concerning automatic start of DBs during DBM1 startup
DB2QWP9C Facility Start Information (DB2/OS390)
DB2QWPAC Data Sharing Group Initialization Parameters
DB2QWPBC Application Programming Defaults (DB2 for OS390)
DB2QWSA Statistics records address space data section
DB2QXSC statement cache statistics
DB2RDIC SQL Statement Data
DB2SPTAB Structure for space tables that can hold name and partition
DB2SUSCRN Fields for DB2 for OS/390 Performance Monitor Subscreen
DB2SYSPARM Derived DB2 System Parameters
DB2TBTAB Structure for tables that hold tablespace information
DB2TIMEG DB2 for OS/390 Times over all Threads
DB2TIMESD Thread Activity: Times Distribution
DB2TIOUTHC Timeout Structure (Holder and Waiter)
DB2TIOUTRC Timeout Structure (Resource and Victim)
DB2TSTAB Structure for tablespace lists that hold DB/TS name
DB2TTLTMS DB2 for OS/390: Stucture for System Times
DB2WPDBH Work process / database handle / connection name mapping
LINETAB Structure for 72 Character Line
OS390_ENC OS/390 enclave information
OS390_MAP OS/390: Bucket Mapping
OS390_POL Workload Manager data (read by saposcol)
OS390_RTD OS/390: Response Time Distribution
OS390_SCL OS/390 service class information
OS390_SCP OS/390 service class period information
OS390_TXT OS/390: Text


The package STU3 contains 13 programs.

RSDB2DLK DB2/390: Deadlock Monitor
RSDB2RFC ICLI Alert Router Initialization
RSDB2TOPO ALV tree control: build up the hierarchy tree
RSDB3001 Main program DB2/390 performance monitor
RSDB3002 Summary for system-wide data
RSDB3003 Installation parameters
RSDB3004 SQL statement trace: Overview
RSDB3005 Program RSDB3005
RSDB3006 Program RSDB3006
RSDB3007 IFI DB Trace

Authorization Objects

The package STU3 contains 1 authorization objects.

S_DB2_COMM DB2 OS/390 commands: in Database Performance Monitor (ST04)