SAP Package STSK

Task Handler, Number Range, Update, Gateway and so on

Technical Information

Package STSK
Short Text Task Handler, Number Range, Update, Gateway and so on
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STSK is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STSK contains 14 function groups.

FBUP Function module for update
MSGSERVER Task Handler <-> Message Server Comm.
PFFB Statistics
REQUEST_COUNTER Counting Requests
RMFB Function group for resource management
SGWY Gateway <-> Taskhandler
SJ2EE J2EE Server
SM02 Function modules for SM02
SM51 Function Group Message Server
SMNI Interface to NI Layer in C Kernel
SYS_COUNTER System Counter
THFB Task handler functions
THFB2 taskhandler function modules
THTX Transaction control in the task handler


The package STSK contains 13 transactions.

BDCUPDATE Test Update in Batch Input
SARFC Server Resources for Asynchr. RFC
SM02 System Messages
SM04 User List
SM13 Administrate Update Records
SM14 Update Program Administration
SM50 Work Process Overview
SM51 List of SAP Systems
SM54 TXCOM Maintenance
SM55 THOST Maintenance
SM56 Number Range Buffer
SMGW Gateway Monitor
SMMS Message Server Monitor

Database Tables

The package STSK contains 10 database tables.

TEMSG System Messages
TEMSGU Read System Messages of a User
TEMSI Central ID assignment for Express messages
THOST SAP host table
TXCOM Communications Table
VBDATA Update data
VBERROR Update error information
VBHDR Update header
VBMOD Update function modules
VBWRK Update: Worklist for mass processing


The package STSK contains 3 views.

VBDATA_G Global View VBDATA_G to Multiplex-Tabl
VBHDR_G Global View VBHDR_G to Multiplex table
VBMOD_G Projection View of VBMOD


The package STSK contains 98 structures.

BNRIV2 Display number range buffer
COMM_ADM Map commm_adm Kernel Structure
CPICCONN Structure of CPIC conect buffer
GWY_CONN Gateway connection
GWY_CONNAT Gateway connection attributes
GWY_EXSEC Gateway external security information
GWY_LINES Table for 128 char. long texts
GWY_MEM Gateway memory table
GWY_PARAMS Gateway parameters with values
GWY_REGTP Table with reg. programs
GWY_SECINFO Structure for Selected SM59 Entries
GWY_SECINFO_LINE Line for Entry in Gateway ACL File
GWY_STAT Gateway statistics
GWY_STRUCT Structure for general gateway parameters
GWY_SYSTE2 Gateway table of logged on systems, version 2
GWY_SYSTEM Gateway table of the logged on systems
GWY_WP Gateway work process table
HOSTENTRY Display entries in table THOST
KERNELSTAT kernel statistic
MODUS Session overview structure
MSXXLIST System list structure
NIXXADDRLIST Result list for remote program start
NOSELECT Choose entries in number range buffer
NOSTAT Number range statistics
PFACLREC Collection Record of Application Statistics
PFADREC SAP statistic: table record
PFASCOLINF Collection Information for Application Statistics
PFASINF Application information for application statistics record
PFASREC Application statistics record
PFBTCINF Batch info in SAP statistic records
PFBTCREC Batch rec. of SAP statistic
PFBTCSTEP Statistics rec (Type batch step)
PFCLIREC Statistic Client Record
PFCOMMON Common part of SAP statistic
PFCOMMON64 Common part of SAP statistic
PFDBPREC SAP statistic: table record
PFDIAINF Dialog info of SAP statistic record
PFDIAREC Dia rec of SAP statistic
PFDIAREC64 Dia rec of SAP statistic
PFDICT SAP statistic: structure for DDIC fields
PFHEAD Statistic sub header
PFHTPCREC SAP Statistic: HTTP Client Record
PFHTPDREC SAP Statistic: HTTP Client Destination Record
PFHTPINF HTTP Info of SAP Statistic Record
PFHTPREC HTTP Record of SAP Statistic
PFMHEAD Statistic main header
PFNORM Statistics rec (Type normal)
PFRFCCDREC SAP statistic: RFC client destination record
PFRFCCLI Statistics rec (type RFC Client)
PFRFCCREC SAP statistic: RFC client record
PFRFCDEST Statistics rec (type RFC Destination)
PFRFCSDREC SAP statistic: RFC server destination record
PFRFCSERV Statistics rec (type RFC Server)
PFRFCSREC SAP statistic: RFC server record
PFSPOAREC SAP statistic: spool action record
PFSPOPREC SAP statistic: spool print record
PFTAB Statistics rec (type table)
PFTABREC SAP statistic: table record
PFTIINTREC Time Interval Record
PFTRAIL Trailer of SAP statistic record
SELECTED_SERVER Structure for Selected Servers
SM04DIC Fields for screens in SM04
STHCMLIST Administration via (ABAP/4 -WP/Disp./MsgServer)
STHCMLISTX Administration via (ABAP/4 -WP/Disp./MsgServer)
STSK_DOCU Dummy table for help field documentation
TECHINFO Content of Technical User Information in SM04
TEMAIL Express mail
THCABLK Communication Area Blocks
THENV Environment Lines
THGREP Results of grep
THLINES Table for unformatted text
THLLINES Table for Unformatted Text - max. 255 Characters
THREQQUEUE Structure for request queue information
THTRCLEVEL Trace level
THTX Structure for function group THTX
TSKH_DUMMY Dummy structure for all fields which need a DD reference
UBLKINFO Display user roll and page blocks
UBLKS Display user roll and page blocks
UBLKS64 Display user roll and page blocks
UBLKSD Display Roll and Page Blocks of User (Detailed)
UINFO User info in SM04
UINFO2 Full information on a user
UINFOS User info incl. server name for system wide user list
UPDENQKEYS Enqueue Key Table for Update Request Check
USERTRACE User trace
VBCOLLRUN_ITEM Collective Run Update Module for Processing
VBCOND Conditions for mass update operations
VBDISP Update-dispatching information
VBINFO Information about updating
VBKEYID VB key structure for import from logfile
VBPARAM Update parameters
VBSELECT Data structure for SM13
VBSELKEY Structure to transfer VBKEYs to SM13
VBSTAT Update statistics
WPINFO Work process info
WPINFOS Work process info


The package STSK contains 45 programs.

PF_ASTAT_TEST Program to test the application statistics functions
PREPARE_DEBUGGING Prepare Debugging of External Clients
RSARFCCHK Get RFC quotas from all servers
RSARFCGRP Report to Determine Resources of an RFC Group
RSGWLST List of all gateways addressed by this system
RSGWREGP List of active registered server programs
RSM02_RESET Reset the Counter
RSM02_RESET_TEMSGU Reset the Counter
RSM04000_ALV SM04 with alv
RSM13000 Update Control
RSM13001 Update request analysis and processing tool
RSM13002 Tool for Analyzing and Processing VB Request
RSM13004 Reset VBRC with enqueue check
RSM13005 Tool for Analyzing and Processing VB Request
RSM13DISPLAY Preparation of Update Data
RSM51000 List of R/3 servers
RSM51000_ALV Application Server
RSM51000_CHANGE_PARAMETER Program for switching between message server parameters
RSM54000 Tabellenpflege TXCOM
RSM55000 THOST table maintenance
RSM56000 Number Range Buffer
RSMON000_ANALYSE_CONVID System-Wide Search of All Communication Partners of an Convid
RSMON000_CHANGE_ALL_PARAMETER Program for switching between dispatcher and task handler parameters
RSMON000_CHANGE_PARAMETER Program for switching between dispatcher and task handler parameters
RSMON000_DOWNLOAD_TRACES Download of Trace Files
RSMONGWY_ALV Gateway Monitor
RSMONGWY_CHANGE_PARAMETER Program for switching between gateway parameters
RSMONGWY_LOGGING Settings of Gateway Logging
RSMONGWY_REGINFO ACL File for Registered Servers
RSMONGWY_SECINFO Create ACL File for Server Start
RSMONMS_ALV Message Server Monitor
RSMONMS_LOGON Display Logon Data
RSSTATISTIC Activate/deactivate SAP interval statistic
RSTM06 ?...
RSTM0600 ?...
RSTRC000 Process Overview
RSUPDMEM update memory
SAPMSEM1 System Messages

Message Classes

The package STSK contains 5 message classes.

14 Nachrichten des Taskhandlers
15 Nachrichten der Verbuchung
GW Nachrichtentexte für Gateway
MSGSERVER Nachrichten fuer Message Server
SM02 TExte fuer Systemnachrichten und Funktionsgruppe SM02

Authorization Objects

The package STSK contains 1 authorization objects.