SAP Package STRQ

R/3 translation memory

Technical Information

Package STRQ
Short Text R/3 translation memory
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRQ is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRQ contains 12 function groups.

STQ2 R/3 Proposal Pool: Elementary Functions
STQ3 R/3 Proposal Pool: Complex FMs
STQ4 TRM: Similar texts search in TRM
STQ5 R/3 Translation Memory: Export & Import
STQ6 R/3 Translation Memory: Run Administratn
STQ7 TRM: Communication with terminology
STQ8 TRM: Proposal pool statistics
STQ9 TRM: General Functions
STQA R/3 Proposal Pool: Abbreviations
STQE R/3 Translation Memory: Editor
STQP R/3 Proposal Pool: Maintenance
STQU R/3 Proposal Pool: Updates

Database Tables

The package STRQ contains 19 database tables.

TRM020 Storage for R/3 Proposal Pool Texts <= 20 Characters
TRM040 Storage for R/3 Proposal Pool Texts <= 40 Characters
TRM060 Storage for R/3 Proposal Pool Texts <= 60 Characters)
TRM080 Storage for R/3 Proposal Pool Texts <= 80 characters
TRM255 Storage for R/3 Proposal Pool Texts <= 255 characters
TRMABB Abbreviations Table of R/3 Proposal Pool
TRMAUT Table for Storing the Parameters for Automatic Distribution
TRMCOM Remark Table for the Proposal Pool
TRMFDIR TRM Table for Storing the Directory for Reorganization, etc.
TRMFRFC Repository for fuzzy search-dependent systems
TRMIDX Log Entries for TRM Processing Runs
TRMINT Link Table of R/3 Proposal Pool
TRMMAPP User values storage table
TRMOIX TRM: Object identifier - object assignments
TRMSTA TRM: TRM statistics table
TRMSTMA Values of Settings for Screens in Transaction STMA
TRMTRA Link Table of R/3 Proposal Pool
TRMWRK Administration of Worklists for the Proposal Pool
TRMWUL TRM: TRM entry where-used list


The package STRQ contains 11 structures.

LTRAN_AUTO TRM: Automatic distribution result display structure
TRMAUT_S TRM: Automatic distribution parameter display structure
TRMBIG TRM: Text search result transfer structure
TRMDEVCS Development Classes in Proposal Pool Environment
TRMFUZ TRM: Structure for Transferring Fuzzy Search Results Lists
TRMFUZ_S TRM: Structure for overview of fuzzy indices
TRMIDX_S TRM-IDX: Table TRMIDX display structure
TRMOBJTS Object Types in Proposal Pool Environment
TRMOVIEW Display structure for overview in STMA
TRMSTA_S TRM statistics: Table TRMSTA display structure
TRMTREEITM Translation Memory: General Tree Structure


The package STRQ contains 4 programs.

RSEXPTRM Proposal Pool: Program to Export the New Proposal Pool to a File
RSFUZTRM_ACTIVATE Program to Convert to the New Fuzzy Search (RFC)
RSIMPTRM Proposal Pool: Program to Import the New Proposal Pool from File

Message Classes

The package STRQ contains 1 message classes.

LQ Translation Memory Management