SAP Package STRO

Online Translation Environment (SE63)

Technical Information

Package STRO
Short Text Online Translation Environment (SE63)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRO is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRO contains 9 function groups.

SKTC Translation Support
SKTI Lock-On Controls
SKTL Quick Where-Used List in SE63
SKTM Translation: Tools, misc.
SKTO Translation: Transport link
SKTT Utilities for Translation
SKTU Translation: Long texts
SKTY Translation: Short texts
SKTZ Translation: Worklist


The package STRO contains 2 transactions.

SE63 Translation: Initial Screen
SE63_OTR Translation - OTR

Database Tables

The package STRO contains 20 database tables.

IWB3CONT1 KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export)
LNGTAUTO Language Transports: Current Request in SE63
LNGTCOLL Language Transports: Directory of Collective Transports
LNGTCONF Language Transports: Parameters for Automatic Recording
LNGTREQU Language Transports: All Requests Used in SE63
LNGTSE63 Language Transports: Current Request in SE63
LNGTUSER Language Transports: Directory of Indiv. Autom. Transports
LWRKOTR Object lists for worklists
NR3TEXT Translation: PC Components Texts
NR3XTEXT Translation: PC Components Texts
SKTYREMK Remarks Relating to Translation Objects
T002 Language Keys (Component BC-I18)
T002C Customizing Data for T002
T002T Language Key Texts
TMCHAR Table fields relevant to translation
TSKT9 Check Table for the Target Language
TSKTL Translation Environment Settings: Long Text Editor
TSKTY Translation environment presettings: Editor
TSKTZ Translation environment presettings: Worklist
TTRAL Lock table - objects for SE63 translation tool locked


The package STRO contains 1 views.

LNGTINFO Language transport information view


The package STRO contains 10 structures.

DOCUERRORS Error list for transfer of errors in long texts
DOKCR_NEW Structure for Determining Links in a Document
ERRORSLIST Error list for transfer of errors in long texts
LWRKLOCK Lock Structure for Translation
NR3SELS Selection Table Extended By a Field
RSTAT1 Structure for Short Text Translation
SE61_ERR SE61: Error Display Structure
STEDIT Structure for Editing Short Texts
WRK_LANGU Lock Concept Language Structure


The package STRO contains 8 programs.

RSLDOCCV Translation support: Check docu versions
RSREMEXP Translation: Export Remarks
RSREMIMP Translation: Import Remarks
RSVRSDC3 Compare versions: Report sources
RSWULDIRECT Translation Where-Used List
SAPMTRAN Translation Environment: Access
SAPMTRAN_OTR Translation Environment: Access

Message Classes

The package STRO contains 18 message classes.

SAPMTRAN Übersetzungsumgebung: Einstieg
SKTA Übersetzung: Automatische Verteilung
SKTB Übersetzung: Anbind. systemfremder Texte
SKTC Übersetzung: Unterstützung
SKTD Übersetzungs-Unterstützung
SKTE Übersetzung: Anbind. systemfremder Texte
SKTI Nachrichtenklasse für SKTI
SKTL Nachrichtenklasse für Funktionsgruppe SKTL
SKTO Nachrichten zur Funkionsgruppe SKTO
SKTT Übersetzung: Hilfsmittel
SKTU Übersetzung: Langtexte
sktw Nachrichtenklasse für Funktionsgruppe SKTW
SKTX Nachrichten zur Funktionsgruppe SKTX
SKTX_MAINTAIN Nachrichtenklassen zu Funktionsgruppe SKTX_MAINTAIN
SKTX2 Nachrichtenklasse zur Funktionsgruppe SKTX2
SKTY Übersetzung: Kurztexte
SKTZ Übersetzung: Arbeitsvorrat
SLWL Nachrichten der Funktionsgruppe SLWL

Authorization Objects

The package STRO contains 1 authorization objects.

S_TRANSLAT Translation environment authorization object