SAP Package STRN

Language Transport

Technical Information

Package STRN
Short Text Language Transport
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRN contains 11 function groups.

SMET METAL-docu interface
STL4 Language Transport - Routines
STL5 Language status and environment
STL6 Language transport nametab + code page
STL7 Language transport reorg. mechanisms
STLI Language transport (installation)
STLT Language transport tools
STPH Access Path for Work Lists
STRN Translation tools
STRN_LANGUAGE_STATE Interface for Language Status
SUCH Checks for internationalization

Database Tables

The package STRN contains 8 database tables.

TLSY2 Parameters for adding new languages to a system
TLSY3 Control File for Language Import
TLSY5 Control table delta import
TLSY7 Language Import History
TLSY8 Language import client data
TLSYOBJ Objects for the Language Transport
TLSYOBJTB Key Objects for the Language Transport
TLSYTAB Language supplement control table


The package STRN contains 2 views.

V_T002C Help View for All Languages Installed in the System


The package STRN contains 32 structures.

CUATAB Table of CUAs for Language Import
L001TAB Int. lang. table length 128
L002TAB Int. lang. table length 256
L003TAB Int. lang. table length 512
L004TAB Int. lang. table length 8192
L005TAB Int. lang. table length 100
L006TAB Int. lang. table length 128
L007TAB Int. lang. table length 256
L008TAB Int. lang. table length 512
L009TAB Int. lang. table length 8192
L100TAB Structure of Length 1000 for the Language Transport
L108TAB int. spr. table length 108
L236TAB int. spr. table length 236
L492TAB int. spr. table length 492
L8172TAB int. spr. table length 8172
LANG128 Output structure for records <= 128 places
LANG256 Output structure for records <= 256 places
LANG512 Ouptut structure for records <= 512 places
LANG8192 Output structure for records <= 8192 places
LANGDESC Texts describing the export
LANGDEVC TDEVC derivative for language transport
LANGIMP Transfer structure, import control
LANGISO Structure for ISO codes per language
LANGJOB Structure for language import jobs
LANGPACK Language Package (in Upgrade)
LANGREL Language Releases
LANGT002 Structure for language and ISO code
LANGTABT Structure for Determining Language-Specific Tables
LANGXREC Structure of control record for export
LINFO Info part of language files
LTRAN General structure for language import
TMINT Translation Memory Interface


The package STRN contains 8 programs.

RSLAIMPEXCE Set Switch Entries for Customer-Based Upgrade
RSLANG30 Report for supplementing lang. dep. parts of hotpackages
RSLANGCP Copy One Language to Another
RSLTCLMS Delete Language-Specific Table Entries with Table PUTTB
RSLTEXPO Export Program For Language Delivery
RSLTINST Set Language Administration Tables for Installation
RSREFILL Transport Translations Between Clients
RSSNAPTA Cleanup Program for SNAPT

Search Helps

The package STRN contains 1 search helps.

H_T002C Display All Languages Installed in the System

Message Classes

The package STRN contains 1 message classes.

TL Messages Sprachtransporte

Authorization Objects

The package STRN contains 1 authorization objects.

S_LANG_ADM Language Administration