SAP Package STRM

Client Copy & Adjustment Tools

Technical Information

Package STRM
Short Text Client Copy & Adjustment Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRM is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRM contains 14 function groups.

0STT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0SZZ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SCC_EXIT Test Modules for Client Copy
SCC1 Transport For Extended Client Copy
SCCA Client Copy Analysis
SCCB Basis client copy control
SCCE Export All System Data
SCCM Parallel Client Copy
SCCR Client Copy - Central Functions
SCCV Advance Client Copy Development
SCT2 Nametab converter and comparer
SLRF Lang. Refiller
SRTT Functions For Remote Table Transport
STRA Routines Table Comparison / Client Copy


The package STRM contains 9 transactions.

SCC1 Client Copy - Special Selections
SCC3 Client Copy Log
SCC4 Client Administration
SCC5 Delete Client
SCC7 Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8 Client Export
SCC9 Remote Client Copy
SCCL Local Client Copy
SM29 Model Transfer for Tables

Database Tables

The package STRM contains 16 database tables.

CCC_CHECK Client dummy
CCCEXIT Client Transport Control: Exit Programs
CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow
CCCINFO Client Copy Control: Info on Table CCCEXIT Entries
CCOPTION Client Copy Options
CCOPTT Client Copy Option Texts
CCPARPARM Parameters for Parallel Processing of Client Copy
CCPROCTAB Parallel Client Copy Processes
CCPROF Client copy profiles
CCPROFSR Source entries for profiles
CCPROFT Client Copy Profile Texts
CCSELKEY Parallel Client Copy Worklist: Table Keys
CCSELTAB Parallel Client Copy Worklist: Objects
T000 Clients
VRSTABC Client Copy Exception Table


The package STRM contains 4 views.

H_T000 Generated help view for check table T000
TABDEV Assigning Table Names, Development Class, Table Text
V_CCCFLOW Client Copy Control: Maintenance View for Table CCCFLOW


The package STRM contains 32 structures.

CCCPARM Client Copy: Program-internal Parameter Description
CCCRIGHTS Structures Remote client copy
CCDBSPACE Client copy pre-check database space table spaces
CCDISPAR Display structure client copy log
CCEXITLST List of exit programs in client copy
CCKEYTAB Key structure for Remote_table_get
CCO_STRING Strings for Remote CC
CCPROGPAR Program-internal parameter client copy, remote_get_table
CCSPACETAB Memory space table, client copy
CCSTATUS Status of Last Copy
CCTABSIZE Table Size Structure
CCX_STRING Strings for Remote CC
DEVJCTAB Selection table by development class
JARG Argument Table
JCTAB Customizing tables (for transport, client copy,...)
SCLIPAR Parameter descriptions for function group SCLI
SR1T3XT000 Communications Structure for T000 Infos in 3.x Systems
SR1TT0002X Communications structure for RFC T000 in 2.x systems
STRMPAR Entry/description/documentation of report parameters
STRPPAR Language control parameters
T000_0001 Screen fields T000 maintenance
T000_0002 Screen Fields T000 Maintenance
TBL1024 Buffer Table for Storing Table Data up to Length 1024
TBL2048 Empty structure, width 2048 Bytes
TBL256 Table Container, Remote Client Copy (256 Characters)
TBL32000 Structure with 32K TYPE X
TBL32768 Structure for transporting tables with a 32K width
TBL4096 Container for 4096 wide tables
TBL64 Table container, remote client copy 64 bytes
TBL8000 Container structure 8000 Bytes
TBL8096 Structure 8096
TBL8192 Width 8192


The package STRM contains 26 programs.

RSCC_CLEAR_PROT_TABLE Clean-Up Client Copy Logs
RSCC_CREATE_CCOPTION Create New Option for Client Copy
RSCC_MAINPROC Assign Tables to the Main Process
RSCC_PACKAGE Note 557132
RSCC_RECREATE_PROT_TABLE Recreate Client Copy Logs
RSCC_REORG_SCC3 Mass Deletion of Logs
RSCC_SCC1_BATCH Bulk Customizing Copy with SCC1
RSCC_TADIR_TEST Checks which tables have no TADIR entry
RSCC_VERIFY Verify Last Client Copy
RSCCEXPT Client Copy Expert Settings
RSCCPROT Display Client Copy Log
RSCCSHOW_LOG Display Client Copy File Log
RSCLCCOP Copy Object Lists Between Clients (SCC1 offline)
RSCLICHK Check Tables For Client Transport Against Target System
RSCLINCS Client Table Set No_cascade to 'X'
RSCLXCOP Copy Client-Specific Tables from a Client
RSRMDOKU Remote Comparison of Documentation
RSSPACECHECK Determine Memory Requirement in Database Areas
RSTABLESIZE Test Program for Determining Table Sizes
RSTRANSSPACECHK Test Program for Determining Transport Request Sizes
SAPMSCC1 Copy Client-Specific Tables from a Client
SAPMSM29 Transfer of Model for (Client-Specific) Tables

Search Helps

The package STRM contains 2 search helps.

CCOPTION Client Copy Options
H_T000 Generated help view for check table T000

Message Classes

The package STRM contains 1 message classes.

TA Erweitertes Tabellenwesen (Auswertg, Customizg, clientcopy)

Authorization Objects

The package STRM contains 1 authorization objects.

S_CLNT_IMP Data Import for Client Copy