SAP Package STRJ

Additional translation tools (partly only for Japan)

Technical Information

Package STRJ
Short Text Additional translation tools (partly only for Japan)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRJ is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRJ contains 1 function groups.

STRJ_Q Translation Quality Assurance


The package STRJ contains 1 transactions.

SLAT Additional Translation Tools

Database Tables

The package STRJ contains 1 database tables.

STRJ_WRK1 Administration of Worklists for SLAT


The package STRJ contains 13 programs.

RSIWA006 Cleanup Blank Entries of Some Language Dependent Tables
RSIWA007 Recover DOKHL and STXH (User and Date Information)
RSIWA023 Display Long Text Objects
RSIWA025 Global Replace for Long Text
RSIWA136 Consistency Check Between Dataelement texts and Domain texts
RSIWA152 Automatic Translation for Long Text
RSIWA171 File Creation for Long Text Search
RSIWA178 Adjust TEXTPOOL Text Length for SE63 Input Field
RSIWA182 Transport Long Text Comparing 2 Systems via RFC
RSIWA196 Long Text Proofread
RSIWA198 Global Search for Long Text
RSIWA203 Translation Support Tool Collection
RSLTVERS Transport Previous Long Text Versions

Message Classes

The package STRJ contains 1 message classes.

STRJ Additional Translation Tools