SAP Package STRC


Technical Information

Package STRC
Short Text Trace
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STRC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STRC contains 2 function groups.

SDEB Kernel debugging
STR1 SAP Trace: Tools


The package STRC contains 5 transactions.

ST01 System Trace
ST11 Display Developer Traces
STDA Debugger display/control (server)
STDC Debugger output/control
STDU Debugger display/control (user)

Database Tables

The package STRC contains 1 database tables.

TST21 Memory for Used Trace Filter Settings


The package STRC contains 29 structures.

FILEINFO Attributes of an operating system file
RSTRBHDR Trace: Variable part of the block header
RSTRENTR Record in SAP trace
RSTRTYPE Trace: General type declaration (TST21)
TRAUTHPRT Authorization Part of Authorization Trace Record
TRAUTHREC Authorization Trace Record
TRBFLLST List of Trace Backup Files
TRBLHDPRT Block Head Part of Trace Block Header
TRBLHDREC Block Header of SAP Trace
TRBUFFIELD Field Value of a Table Buffer Trace
TRCMODPRT C Module Part of C Module Trace Record
TRCMODREC C Module Trace Record
TRENQUEPRT Enqueue Part of Enqueue Trace Record
TRENQUEREC Enqueue Trace Record
TRFILEERROR Error with write access to the SAP trace file
TRFILEINFO Description of a Trace File
TRFLHDPTR File Header Part of Trace File Handler
TRFLHDREC File Header of Trace Backup File
TRHDRPRT Header Part of All Trace Records
TRRFCPRT RFC Part of RFC Trace Record
TRSQLPRT SQL-Specific Part of SQL Record
TRTABSEL Entry Used to Filter a Table When Using Trace Evaluation
TRTBUFPRT TBUF Part of Table Buffer Trace Record
TRTBUFREC Table Buffer Trace Record
TRTRAILPRT Trailer Part of All Trace Records
TRUSERPRT USER Part of User Trace Records (Format-Free Trace)
TRUSERREC User Trace Record


The package STRC contains 5 programs.

RSTR0006 RSTR0006: Display Developer Traces
RSTR0400 FORMs for RSTRAC21 etc.
RSTRAC22 Trace Display
RSTRAC25 SAP Trace (Transaction ST01 - revised version of RSTRAC24)
STRCMON STRCMON Program (Only Used as Form Pool)

Message Classes

The package STRC contains 1 message classes.

TC System-Trace. (RSTR....)