SAP Package STMS


Technical Information

Package STMS
Short Text TemSe
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STMS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STMS contains 4 function groups.

STM2 TemSe: auxiliary tools
STM3 TemSe help functions
STM4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
STMS TemSe: Temporary, sequential objects


The package STMS contains 2 transactions.

SP11 TemSe directory
SP12 TemSe Administration

Database Tables

The package STMS contains 6 database tables.

TST01 TemSe: List of objects and parts
TST02 TemSe: Protection rules
TST03 TemSe data
TST05 TemSe data types
TST06 Right to use 'rstsmain', 'rspomain'
TST07 Name conventions for TemSe objects


The package STMS contains 1 views.

TST03M *#§


The package STMS contains 1 structures.

RSTSTYPE TemSe: Reference fields for function module users


The package STMS contains 18 programs.

RSTS0010 TemSe Administration
RSTS0011 TemSe report: Table of contents
RSTS0012 TemSe directory
RSTS0014 Select Large Spool Requests
RSTS0015 TemSe: Not Used
RSTS0017 TemSe: Not Used
RSTS0019 Test Function Module
RSTS0020 TemSe: Data Consistency Check
RSTS0022 Delete Obsolete TemSe Objects
RSTS0023 Delete CONS Objects
RSTS0024 Finds and Deletes 'Orphaned' Job Logs
RSTS0025 Delete All Objects in Client
RSTS0029 TemSe: Test program for FBs that write TemSe objects
RSTS0030 TemSe Object Check
RSTS0033 TemSe: Not Used
RSTS0043 Consistency Check: File System-TemSe, Table TST01 (with Deletion)
RSTS0044 TemSe: Not Used
RSTS9803 Delete Inconsistent TST03 Rows

Message Classes

The package STMS contains 1 message classes.

TS TemSe - Verwaltung temporärer sequentieller Objekte

Authorization Objects

The package STMS contains 1 authorization objects.

S_TMS_ACT TemSe: Actions on TemSe objects