TMS: Transport Workflow

Technical Information

Package STMA_WF
Short Text TMS: Transport Workflow
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STMA_WF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STMA_WF contains 5 function groups.

CTW_FM Folder Manager
CTW_FS Folder Services
CTW_UI Workflow User Interface
CTW_WM Workflow Manager
CTW_WS Workflow Services


The package STMA_WF contains 1 transactions.

CTW_PFAC_IMP_ADM Maintain Responsibilities

Database Tables

The package STMA_WF contains 5 database tables.

CTWFACTLOG Transport Proposal: Action Log
CTWFNUMBER Transport Proposal: Number Assignment
CTWFPROPOS Transport Proposal: Header
CTWFREQUST Transport Proposal: Requests for Import
CTWFTARGET Transport Proposal: Target Systems/Target Clients


The package STMA_WF contains 11 structures.

CTRS_CLI Range Structure for Client
CTRS_DATE Range Structure for Date
CTRS_FORM Range Structure for Proposal Number
CTRS_REQU Range Structure for Request
CTRS_STATE Range Structure for Status
CTRS_SYST Range Structure for System
CTRS_TARGT Range Structure for Target
CTRS_USER Range Structure for User
CTWF_SLINE Lines for Document
CTWF001 Structure for Screen Fields
CTWFFORM Structure for Proposal, Incl. Requests, Target System/Client


The package STMA_WF contains 2 programs.

RSCTWFSL Find Transport Proposals
RSCTWFTE TMS: Configure Customer Workflow Template

Search Helps

The package STMA_WF contains 1 search helps.


Message Classes

The package STMA_WF contains 1 message classes.

CTWF Workflow im Change & Transport System