SAP Package STAB

Table history

Technical Information

Package STAB
Short Text Table history
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package STAB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package STAB contains 3 function groups.

STPR Print table contents
SVPR Logging of Maintenance Views
SVPR_TEST Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package STAB contains 5 transactions.

SCU3 Table History
SCU3ARCH1 Create Database Log Archives
SM31_OLD Old Table Maintenance
SM32 Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB
SM33 Display Table Parameter ID TAB

Database Tables

The package STAB contains 3 database tables.

PRV_LOG_CP Table Logging: Codepages and Migration Times
TLOGTEST Test Table Logging
TLOGTESTT Test Table Logging and Maintenance


The package STAB contains 1 views.

V_P_LOG_CP Table Logging: Codepages and Migration Times


The package STAB contains 4 structures.

RSTPR TABLE_PRINT_1/2 function module screen fields
SDBTLGKEYX Database Table Logging: Binary Table Key
SDBTLGKEYZ Database Table Logging: Additional Info from Archive
STPRSLKEY Table Logging: Selection Row in logkey


The package STAB contains 15 programs.

RSDBLOGCONV40 Conversion of the database log table from 3.X to 4.0
RSLD_FORMS Definition of Form Routines for Log Archiving
RSLDARCH01 Archiving Program for Database Logs
RSLDARCH02 Delete Program for Database Log Archiving
RSLDARCH03 Read Program for Database Log Archive
RSLDARCH04 Reload Program for Database Log Archive
RSTBCOUNT Number of Table Change Logs (System-Wide)
RSTBHIST Table History
RSTBPDEL Table Log Database Management: Delete Logs
RSTBSUNA Choose Object Name
RSTBZAHL Count Table Change Logs
RSTLOGTEST Create table change logs for the table TLOGTEST
RSVTPROT Evaluation of change logs
SAPMSTBM Old Standard Table Maintenance
TAB_INTO_AUTH_GRP Choose a Table

Message Classes

The package STAB contains 1 message classes.

TB Meldungen zu SM31 Tabellenpflege