SAP Package SRZL

Computing Center Management System

Technical Information

Package SRZL
Short Text Computing Center Management System
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SRZL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRZL contains 6 function groups.

SAL1 Alerts interface
SAL2 Access routines for RZL storage
SAL3 Alert/RZL tool functions
SAL4 CCMS FMs Remote Control and Monitoring
SEM1 Extended Memory - Analysis functions
SMLG Logon/Server Group Management


The package SRZL contains 5 transactions.

RZ04 Maintain SAP Instances
RZ12 Maintain RFC Server Group Assignment
SM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview
SMLG Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance

Database Tables

The package SRZL contains 3 database tables.

RZLLICLASS Logon Group List
RZLLITAB Assignments of Logon/Server Groups to Instances
TALIM Alert Thresholds and Parameters


The package SRZL contains 51 structures.

ALESUMMARY Structure of alert sum record
ARFCQUOTAS Quotas for asynchronous RFC
EMCONTEXT Extended Memory: Active Contexts
EMUTILIZE Extended Memory: Utilization per Server
RSTUN01 Server Name - Work Process ID
RSTUN02 Work Process/Database Status
RSTUN03 SQL Statement List
RSTUN04 Database Status of Work Process
RZLLIAPSRV Instance names of logon/server groups
RZLLIGROUP Name of login group
RZLLIMODGP Organizational Structure for Modif. Logon Group for Ext. RFC
RZLLIMODIF Org.Structure for Changes to Login Group<->Instance Alloc.
RZLT1010 Dynpro 1010: Cross-System Work Process Overview (General)
RZLT1020 Dynpro 1020: Cross-System Work Process Overview (Detailed)
SALABERR ABAP/4 error, which triggers an alert
SALABSQERR SQL error, which triggers an alert
SALABVBERR Update termination, which triggers an alert
SALBFF Structure of buffer statistics record at alert trigger
SALCOM Structure of alert header
SALCOMOP General operation on alerts
SALDB6AL DB2 Database Alert Threshold
SALDIAG General dialog fields for alerts
SALDPQU Structure of dispatcher queue for alerts
SALENQU Structure of enqueue record for alert trigger
SALFILE Structure for File Description
SALFLDIR Directory of Files
SALFLLINES Line of a File
SALGENP Structure of multi-purpose alert
SALINFAL INFORMIX Database Alert Threshold
SALLANMEM Alert Threshold Structure for OS LAN and Memory
SALNET Network Alert Thresholds
SALNETALLS Alert Thresholds for Network Monitor for All Segments
SALNETPERS Alert Thresholds for Network Monitor Per Segment
SALORAAL Oracle Database Alert Threshold
SALOSCO Structure of OS collector record for alert trigger
SALOSLD1 New OSCO structure for CPU Load, same as salosld, new load1
SALPERF Structure of performance record for alert trigger
SALRECORD Unspecified alert communications record
SALRLPG Structure of roll file and paging file alert record
SALSLFR Structure of alert source, system log frequency
SALSLID Structure of alert source system log ID
SALSLOG Structure for system log filter definitions
SALSTINTG CCMS-AL-Storage Entry of Type '10 Integer Values'
SALSTLTXT CCMS-AL-Storage Entry of Type 'Long Text'
SALSTTEXT CCMS-AL-Storage Entry of Type 'Short Text'
SALSUM Structure of alert sum record
SALSUMMARY Structure of alert sum record
SALTOOL Analysis tool for alert
SALTRSW Structure of trace switch alert
SMLG3004 Subscreen for 3004: Group Attributes
SPFBA1 Screen Fields for Maintaining the Operating Mode


The package SRZL contains 15 programs.

MENUSRZL Computing Center Management System
RSALTST4 Display Permanent Memory in the Alert Area
RSALTTAL Maintain Alert Parameter Table TALIM
RSRZLCY0 Cyclical OP Mode Monitoring (Background)
RSRZLDG0 Diagnostic of SAPSYS Background Processing
RSRZLLG0 Attempt to Use New Problem Algorithm to Pick Fav. A.S.
RSRZLLG0_ACTUAL Attempt to Use New Problem Algorithm to Pick Fav. A.S.
RSRZLST7 Display Contents of TALIM Sorted by Servers.
RSRZLSTS SAP Default Alert Thresholds for SYSLOGS
SAPMSM66 Global Work Process Overview
SAPMSMLG Maintain Logon Group and RFC Server Group Assignment to Instances

Search Helps

The package SRZL contains 1 search helps.

SERV_GROUP Logon/server group

Authorization Objects

The package SRZL contains 1 authorization objects.

S_RZL_ADM CCMS: System Administration