SAP Package SRRI

Report/Report Interface

Technical Information

Package SRRI
Short Text Report/Report Interface
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SRRI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRRI contains 7 function groups.

RRIADD Report Assignment, Report Selection
RRIQU Interface to Query
RRIRT Interface to ABAP Reports
RRITR Interface to Transaction
RRITRANS Transport
RRIV Table maintenance
RSTI Processor Report/Report Interface

Database Tables

The package SRRI contains 12 database tables.

TAPPLCLASS Application Classes in Drilldown Reporting
TAPPLCLAST Text Table for Application Classes in Drilldown Reporting
TEQUIVDOM Domains with Same Semantic
TEQUIVDOMT Comments on Equivalent Domains
TRSTI BRST assignment sender -> receiver (Communication Handler)
TRSTI0 R/R Interface: Assignment Cross-Client Senders to Receivers
TRSTI0T Assignment Cross-Client Senders to Receivers: Receiver Texts
TRSTIT BRST assignment sender -> receiver: Receiver texts
TRSTT BRST Registration of the Reporting Tools
TRSTTT Text Table for the Reporting Tools
TVIRTDOM Standard Domains and Virtual Domains
TVIRTDOMT Text Table for the Virtual Domains


The package SRRI contains 6 structures.

RSTI_S_FCC Function Code Class
RSTIFIELDS BRST selection data: Field information
RSTIONAMEX Extended Object Name
RSTIREC BRST data for receiver report (Communication Handler)
RSTIREP Report Data
RSTISEL BRST selection data (Communication Handler)

Search Helps

The package SRRI contains 2 search helps.

RRI_APPL Application Classes
RRI_TOOL Selection of Report Tool for the Report/Report Interface

Message Classes

The package SRRI contains 1 message classes.

RS BRST Reporting Support Tools: Communication Handler