SRM - Transaction Processing Path

Technical Information

Short Text SRM - Transaction Processing Path
Parent Package SRM

Package Contents

The package SRM_WF_PATH is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 7 function groups.

SRM_PATHLOG Display Process Route Log
SRM_WF_PATH_ACTI Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SRM_WF_PATH_ACTIVITY_MNT Maintenance Dialogs for Activity Maint.
SRM_WF_PATH_DIALOG1 Dialogs for Workflow Process Route
SRM_WF_PATH_MAINT Modules for Process Route Maintenance
SRM_WF_PATH_UPDATE_TASK DB Operations of Update Process Route
SRM_WF_PATH_WORKFLOW Workflow Functions for Process Route


The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 2 transactions.

SRM_WF_PATH_MAINT Maintain Process Route
SRM_WFPATH_NO Number Range Maintenance: SRMWFPATH

Database Tables

The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 20 database tables.

SRMACTAREA Business segment
SRMACTARET Text Table for Activity Area
SRMACTFNCT Text Table for Activity Functions
SRMACTFUNC Activity Functions
SRMACTIVTT Text Table for Activities in Activity Area
SRMPATHORG Org. Objects that Can Be Addressed in Process Route
SRMPATHORGT Description for Possible Users in Workflow
SRMWFCUST Customizing of Field Display in Process Route
SRMWFCUST_T Column Headers for Process Route Display
SRMWFGRP Maintenance of Grouping Options for Process Route Model
SRMWFGRPT Text Table for Grouping Process Route Models
SRMWFPATH Workflow Process Route
SRMWFPATHAGT Other People Involved in Process Route
SRMWFPATHGROUP Assignment Table of Process Route Models for Groups
SRMWFPATHT Text Table for Process Route Header
SRMWFPTHFIELDS Additional Customer-Specific Fields in Process Route
SRMWFPTHORGHLP Table of All Allowed Organizational Objects
SRMWFPTHPS Process Route Item for Workflow
SRMWFPTREL Predecessor-Successor Relations of Process Route Items


The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 5 views.

SRMACTFNCV Connects Function Table and Text Table
SRMWFGRPSEL Grouping Options for Process Routes
SRMWFSEARCH View for Searching Process Routes
V_SRMPATHORG Maintain Allowed Organizational Objects for Process Route
V_SRMPLOG Joint View of srmwfpthps and Text Table srmactivtt


The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 15 structures.

SRM_S_CUSTCOL Process Route Column Structure with Language-Specific Header
SRM_S_FIELDCUST Customizing Fields for Process Route
SRMPLOG Grouping of Fields for Log Display
SRMWFAGTOUT Output Structure of
SRMWFDEADL Recipient for Deadline Monitoring Work Item at Route
SRMWFDIALS Structure for Dialog Table Type
SRMWFGENFL Generically Usable Structure for Workflow
SRMWFNODS Process Route Node
SRMWFPATHAUTH Authorizations for Route Head
SRMWFPATHSRCDYNP Structure with Dialog Fields for Process Route Search
SRMWFPATS Structure with Read-Only Data for Process Route Item
SRMWFPPOSD Data of Process Route Item
SRMWFPRELS WF Process Route: Item Relation
SRMWFPTADD Structure for Creating Process Route Items

Search Helps

The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 4 search helps.

SRMWFPATH_TMPL Finding Process Route Templates
SRMWFPATHALLOWEDORG Find Process Route Org. Objects in Validity Table
SRMWFPATHORGTYPE Search for Organization Types
SRMWFPATHSRCPATHID Search Help for Process Routes

Message Classes

The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 1 message classes.

SRM_WF_PATH Nachrichtenklasse enthält alle Meldungen zum Bereich Laufweg

Authorization Objects

The package SRM_WF_PATH contains 1 authorization objects.

S_SRMPATH1 SRM - Laufweg