Service Provider for Workflow (Using General APIs)

Technical Information

Package SRM_SP_WFL
Short Text Service Provider for Workflow (Using General APIs)
Parent Package SRM

Package Contents

The package SRM_SP_WFL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRM_SP_WFL contains 3 function groups.

SRM_SP_GENERAL Records Management: General Functions
SRM_SP_WF2 Workflow Functions for SP Workflow
SRM_SP_WFL_F4_HELP F4 Help for SP Workflow


The package SRM_SP_WFL contains 2 structures.

SRM_F4WIID Output List From F4 Help for Work Items
SRM_WF_STR General Structure for SRM Workflow

Message Classes

The package SRM_SP_WFL contains 1 message classes.

SRMWF Records Management Workflow