SRM: Locator

Technical Information

Package SRM_LOC
Short Text SRM: Locator
Parent Package SRM

Package Contents

The package SRM_LOC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRM_LOC contains 1 function groups.

SRM_LOC Dialog Modules for Locator

Database Tables

The package SRM_LOC contains 2 database tables.

SRMLOCSRTINDX Index Table for Search Results
SRMLOCSRTTBL Locator: Save Search Result Tables with IMPORT/EXPORT


The package SRM_LOC contains 9 structures.

SRMLOCCTX RM Locator: Search Context
SRMLOCOPTS RM Locator: Display Options
SRMLOCPARA RM Locator: Search Parameter Definition
SRMLOCPCAT Catalog with Selection Options (Internal for Locator)
SRMLOCSEL RM Locator: Selection Options
SRMLOCSRT Structure for Saved Search Result
SRMLOCSRTDT Saved Search Result - POID List
SRMLOCTABLKEY Key for Table Location
SRMLOCVAR RM Locator: Search Variant (Internal Use)

Message Classes

The package SRM_LOC contains 1 message classes.

SRM_LOCATOR Nachrichten des SRM Locator