Archiving for Generic SP

Technical Information

Short Text Archiving for Generic SP
Parent Package SRM

Package Contents

The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE contains 1 database tables.

SRM_GSP_TAGGING Unique document IDs of documents to be archived


The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE contains 7 structures.

SRM_GSP_ALV_DISP_PROPS Structure for Defining Columns in the ALV Display
SRM_GSP_ALV_EVENT_SPEC Definition of ALV events that the data provider handles
SRM_GSP_ALV_HIERARCHY_LEVEL Description of a Node in the ALV Tree
SRM_GSP_ARC_RESULT Stores the Result of an Archiving Operation
SRM_GSP_ARC_RUN_PROPS Properties of an Archiving Run (GSP Archiving)
SRM_GSP_CONTENT_LOCATION Structure for storing repository category of a physical doc.
SRM_GSP_DISPLAY_DOC_BUFFER Buffer for displayable documents (ALV)


The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE contains 5 programs.

SRM_KPRO_CONTENT_RELOCATION Document Archiving: Convert Content of Physical Documents
SRM_KPRO_DELETE_PROGRAM Document/Record Archiving: Deletion Program
SRM_KPRO_PRE_PROGRAM Document/Record Archiving: Selection Program
SRM_KPRO_READ_PROGRAM Document/Record Archiving: Read Program
SRM_KPRO_WRITE_PROGRAM Document/Record Archiving: Selection Program

Message Classes

The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE contains 1 message classes.

SRM_GENERIC_SP_ARC Nachrichten im Kontext der GSP-Datenarchivierung

Authorization Objects

The package SRM_GSP_ARCHIVE contains 1 authorization objects.

S_SRM_ARCH SAP Records Management: Authorizations for Archiving