SAP Package SREL

Object Relationship Service

Technical Information

Package SREL
Short Text Object Relationship Service
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SREL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SREL contains 8 function groups.

AREL Help Functions for Archiving
BREL Object relationship binary links
GREL Object relationship object groups
NREL Find Object Environment
OREL Object relationship model data access
RREL Object relationship roles
SREL Object Relationship Services
VREL Object relationship view maintenance


The package SREL contains 1 transactions.

SREL_MODEL ModelDataForBORObjectRelationships

Database Tables

The package SREL contains 14 database tables.

ORBRELTPA Object Relationship: attributes of binary link types
ORBRELTYP Object relationship binary link type
OROBJROLES Object relationship : valid role types of an object type
ORROLETYP Object Relationship Service object role types
ORTBRELTPA Attributes of binary link types text
ORTBRELTYP Object relationship of binary link types text
ORTROLETYP Object relationship: role types text
SRABRELSD Object relationship: attribute position assignment logistics
SRCICREL Object Relationship Service: generic binary links
SRGBINREL Object Relationship Service: generic binary links
SROBJGROUP Object Relationship Service object group
SROBJINGRP Object Relationship Service table objects in group
SRPROCESS Object Relationship Service: generic binary links
SRRELROLES Object Relationship Service: Roles


The package SREL contains 4 views.

VRBRELTPA Object relationship: attribute of binary links
VRBRELTYP Object relationship: binary relationship types
VROBJROLES Object relationship: valid role types for object types
VRROLETYP Object relationship: role types


The package SREL contains 34 structures.

BORIDENT Object Relationship Service: BOR object identifier
BRELATTR Object Relationship: Attribute for a binary relationship
BRELATTRIB Object Relationship: generic attribute structure
BRELTYP Object Relationship Service binary link type
BRELTYPA Object Relationship: attributes of binary link types
BRELTYPMOD Object Relationship: binary link type with text
GBINREL Object Relationship Service: generic binary links
GROUPATTR Object Relationship Service group attribute
GROUPDESCR Object Relationship description of a group
GROUPMEMB Object Relationship Service group member
GROUPOBJ Object Relationship Service: object in group
MEMBERREF Object Relationship Service object identifier with reference
NEIGHBOR Object Relationship: neighboring object
OBJGROUP Object Relationship Service object group
OBJGROUPID Object Relationship Service: object group ID
OBJIDENT Object Relationship Service object identifier
OBJINGROUP Object Relationship Service objects in group
OBJMEMB Object Relationship group object
OBJROLES Object Relationship Service: valid role types for obj. type
RELGRAPHLK Object Relationship: Link of Network for Links
RELROLES Object Relationship Service: Roles
ROLETYPMOD Object Relationship Service: role types
SDPOSFORM Object Relationship Service SD Format Position Attribute
SRL_APREL Application Relationships (BOR Interface IFAPPLRELS)
SRL_ARLNK SREL: Archive Structure for Links
SRL_BRATR SREL: Attribute Assignment for Browser
SRL_BRFLD SREL: Attribute in Browser
SRL_BRHST SREL: Assignment Object, Neighbor Object
SRL_BRLNK srel: Display of Relationship in Browser
SRL_BRREL SREL: Browser Object with Relationship Attributes
STAMP Object Relationship Service : stamp generation
TYPATTRIB Object relationship: attribute of a link


The package SREL contains 6 programs.

MODELDATALIST MODELDATALIST - List display of model data object links
OPTIMIZE_TABLES Clean Up of Role and Relationship Tables
RSRLDREL Program RSRLDREL: Deletion of roles and links

Message Classes

The package SREL contains 1 message classes.

RL Nachrichten des Object Relationship Services