SAP Package SRCX

Development Class for Remote Communication: RFC and RMC

Technical Information

Package SRCX
Short Text Development Class for Remote Communication: RFC and RMC
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SRCX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SRCX contains 16 function groups.

CRFC RFC administration
CRFC0 RFC Administration (Old)
DCOM DCOM Connector
GRFC Queued sapgui RFC
MRFC Verification environment for RFCs
QRFC Function group for RFC single logon
R2SS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
RFCA RFC-specific applications
RFCH RFC: Generator
SREC RFC recorder (recording RFC data)
SRFC RFC Administration
SRMC Remote Method Call (ABAP part)
STFE Examples of Simple RFC Functions
SYSU RFC resource administration
URFC Utility functions for RFC environment


The package SRCX contains 4 transactions.

SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM59_OLD Transaction SM59 old (<5.0)
SMT1 Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.)
SMT2 Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.)

Database Tables

The package SRCX contains 9 database tables.

RFC2SOAPS RFC After SOAP Stubs Directory
RFCATTRIB Administration table for RFC destinations
RFCCHECK Table for asynchronous RFC administration
RFCDES Destination table for Remote Function Call
RFCDOC Description of Possible RFC Connections (->RFCDES)
RFCSTXTAB RFC statistics administration
RFCSYSACL List of permitted trusted systems for the current system
RFCTRUST List of existing trusting systems
RFCTYPE Type of RFC connection


The package SRCX contains 27 structures.

PFRFCCDEST Statistics rec (type RFC Destination)
PFRFCSDEST Statistics rec (type RFC Destination)
RFC_FLDS_P RFC: Table fields - portable version
RFC_FLDS_U RFC: Table Fields with UNICODE Information
RFC_LONG RFC test: Structure, long
RFC_SHORT RFC test: Structure, short
RFC_TT_CONNECTION_INFO Data for Asynchronous RFC Connection
RFC_TT_RELATION Data for Trust Relationship
RFC_TT_SYSTEM Data for Trust Relationship
RFCDATA Various RFC data types
RFCDBG Status information for RFC debugging
RFCDBV Data for watch area (variable display)
RFCDISPLAY Display structure for RFCDES maintenance
RFCDISPLAZ Supplement for RFCDISPLAY structure (for docu)
RFCHOSTS Structure for host list
RFCLINE Table line with 80 characters
RFCLOG Log data for RFC tests
RFCOPT RFC options
RFCRECORD RFC recorder set (see function group SREC)
RFCSI RFC system info (see RFC_SYSTEM_INFO_functionmodule)
RFCSRVLST Structure of the system list (trusted systems)
RFCTEST RFC: Test structure
RFCTEST01 RFC: Test Structure
RFCXXLIST Structure of the system list (trusted systems)
RSVRMCSTR1 RMC Verification - Test structure 1
RSVRMCSTR2 RMC verification - Test structure 2
STFCCPLXT Complex Test Structure for Veris


The package SRCX contains 37 programs.

RS_SECURITY_TRUST_RELATIONS Security of Trust Relationships
RS_TT_CLEANUP_SECSTORE Cleanup After System Copy (SAP Note 1532825)
RS_UPDATE_TRUST_RELATIONS Update Trust Relationships to System (SAP Note 1498973)
RSMRFC01 RFC Verification Program: Call Simple Function Modules
RSMRFC02 RFC Verification Program: Error Handling in Asynchronous RFC
RSMRFC03 Veri Program for RFC in Connection with CALL TRANSACTION USING + BI
RSMRFC04 Override for all database keys in all instances of a system
RSMRFCCHECK Resource Check for Asynchronous RFCs
RSPRFC01 Verification Program for Parallel RFC
RSPRFC02 Verification program for parallel RFC
RSPRFC03 Verification Program for Parallel RFC
RSRFCCOV RFC Coverage Monitor
RSRFCDLT Deletion Routine for RFC Statistics DB Table RFCSTXTAB
RSRFCDMN Read and Store RFC Statistics Data in Database Table
RSRFCDOC Function Modules Available in External Program
RSRFCFUN Display Remote-Callable Function Modules
RSRFCIDEL Display/Delete Inactive Internal RFC Destinations
RSRFCPIN R F C - Connection Test
RSRFCRFC Display and Maintain RFC Destinations
RSRFCRFC0 Display and Maintain RFC Destinations
RSRFCSEC Display and maintain trusted systems
RSRFCSLX Display trusting systems
RSRFCTRX RFC connection test for trusted systems
RSRFCUPD Conversion of SM59 entries with IP changes
RSRFCVER Availability and Unicode Check of Type 3 and Type T Destinations
RSRFCXC Check Remote-Enabled FM Interfaces for Complex Parameter Types
RSRLOGIN Remote Login (Internal Use Only)
RSVRMC01 test - remote method call: veri program for test interface
RSWKTHRU Call String for All Application Servers of &
RSXERROR Simulation of a Program with Syntax Errors
SAPMSSY7 Scheduler
SAPSOAP1 RFC to SOAP Gateway: Control Module
SAPSOAPT RFC-after-SOAP Gateway: Directory Test

Search Helps

The package SRCX contains 2 search helps.

F4_RFCDES3 RFC Destinations (Connections to R/3 Systems)
H_RFCDOC RFC Destinations with Documentation

Authorization Objects

The package SRCX contains 2 authorization objects.

S_RFC Authorization Check for RFC Access
S_RFCACL Authorization check for RFC user (ex. trusted system)