SAP Package SQUE

Application Development R/3 SAP Query

Technical Information

Package SQUE
Short Text Application Development R/3 SAP Query
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SQUE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SQUE contains 52 function groups.

AQ_ADHOC New SAP Query (Internal)
AQ_FA_GENERATOR SAP Query: Generator for InfoSets
AQ_FA_TEXTPOOL_FUNCTIONS Managing Texts in Funtional Area
AQ_INT_FUNCTIONS InfoSet Query: Load, Save, Generate
AQ_INTERNAL SAP Query: Save query in roles
AQ_ROLE_ADMINISTRATION SAP Query: Role Administration
AQAA ABAP/4 Query: ABC Analysis
AQALV SAP Query: ALV connection
AQCF SAP Query: Catalog functions
AQCK ABAP Query: Check functions
AQDW ABAP Query: Download
AQENQ Lock Modules for SAP Query
AQGCK SAP Query: Global Check Functions
AQGF ABAP Query: General functions
AQIEXB Import/Export of User Groups
AQIEXL Import/Export of Lists
AQIEXQ Import/Export of Queries
AQIEXS Import/Export of InfoSets
AQIEXST Assignment Table Management
AQINFOSET_SERVICE SAP Query: InfoSet Maintenance Help
AQJD ABAP Query: Join definition/alias table
AQJOINTT SAP Query: Join Test Tool
AQLANG Language Determination
AQLF ABAP Query: Local field maintenance
AQNF SAP Query: Name administration
AQPC ABAP/4 Query: Word Connection
AQPROTCUST Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
AQPT ABAP Query : Query Painter
AQRC SAP Query: Remote query call
AQRG SAP Query: Report Generator
AQRL SAP Query: Role Definition
AQRT ABAP/4 Query: Interface to Rep.Tree
AQRTH Help Functions for Runtime
AQRUNT SAP Query: Runtime Routines
AQSEARCH SAP Query: Search Functions
AQSF ABAP/4 Query: Selection functions
AQSL ABAP/4 Query: Save lists
AQTR SAP Query: Transport Methods
AQTX ABAP/4 Query: Text Processing
AQTXS SAP Query: Text Display /Change
AQTXTB Text Pool Administration for User Groups
AQTXTQ Text Pool Administration for Queries
AQTXTS Textpool Management for InfoSets
AQWS ABAP Query: Maintain query areas
AQXF SAP Query: Additional functions
AQXI ABAP Query: Additional functions
AQZZ ABAP Query: AQxx (old version)
AUTOMATION_ALV BAPI for Automation Test in ALV
TXID_CUST Enhanced Table Maintenance Text Reader
TXID_INT_FUNCTIONS Text ID: Internal Functions


The package SQUE contains 17 transactions.

S_BCE_68001545 Standard variant InfoSet Query
S_BJA_09000018 x
S_BJA_09000019 x
SQ_DEMO_ADHOC Demo: Start InfoSet Query (Ad Hoc)
SQ_DEMO_DEV Demo: Start InfoSet Query (Dev.)
SQ_DEMO_DEVELOP Startet InfoSet Query wth InfoSet
SQ00 SAP Query: Start queries
SQ00_DEL_PROT SAP Query: Delete log data
SQ01 SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02 SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03 SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQ07 SAP Query: Language comparison
SQ09 SAP Query: Maintain additional func.
SQ10 SAP Query: Role Administration
SQ11 SAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)
SQDEMO_ADHOC Starts InfoSet Query for Ad Hoc rep.
SQVI QuickViewer

Database Tables

The package SQUE contains 45 database tables.

AQDB SAP Query: Tables and Data
AQGDB SAP Query: Tables and Data (Global)
AQGDBBG SAP Query: User Groups
AQGDBBN SAP Query: Assigning Users to User Groups
AQGDBBS SAP Query: Assigning Functional Areas to User Groups
AQGIDOC SAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)
AQGQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog
AQGQDOC SAP Query: Documentation for queries (key entries)
AQGQSTRUC SAP Query: Query / Structure Assignment
AQGSCAT SAP Query: Functional Area Catalog
AQGTB SAP Query: Texts for User Groups
AQGTQ SP Query: Texts for Queries
AQGTS SAP Query: Texts for Functional Areas
AQHTMLRAW SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query
AQHTMLTMPL SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query (Language-dependent)
AQIF_C SAP Query: Interfaces (Customer)
AQIF_S SAP Query: Interfaces (SAP)
AQLDB SAP Query: Tables and Data (Local)
AQLIDOC SAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)
AQLQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog
AQLQDOC SAP Query: Documentation for queries (key entries)
AQLQSTRUC SAP Query: Query / Structure Assignment
AQLSCAT SAP Query: Functional Area Catalog
AQLTQ SP Query: Texts for Queries
AQLTS SAP Query: Texts for Functional Areas
AQPROT Query Logging
AQPROTCUST Query Logging Control
AQRDB SAP Query: Runtime Objects for Query Reports
AQRLASS Role Assignment of InfoSet Query Call-up
AQSGDB SAP Query: Tables and dates (global, trash)
AQSLDB SAP Query: Tables and dates (local, trash)
AQTDB SAP Query: Transport stocks (local)
AQTXTBS SAP Query: Functional Areas and User Groups Text Table
AQTXTQ SAP Query: Text Table for Queries
AQXINT SAP Query: Additional functions
AQXINTA SAP Query: Active additional functions
AQXINTT SAP Query: Additional function texts
AQXINTUG SAP Query: Enhanced Folders - User Groups
TAQTS SAP Query: Transprt of Queries, Functn. Areas and User Grps
TEXC_DE Text ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element
TEXC_DE_C Text ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element
TEXC_DOM Text ID: Exception Definition using Domains
TEXC_DOM_C Text ID: Exception Definition using Domains
TEXC_FLD Text ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field
TEXC_FLD_C Text ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field


The package SQUE contains 134 structures.

ALVXML_S_CELL2 Cell Structure for XML Output
ALVXML_S_COL2 Column Structure for XML Output
ALVXML_S_LAYO2 ALV XML Structure Layout
ALVXML_S_ROW2 Row Structure for XML Output
AQADEF SAP Query (S): General Definitions
AQAINFO SAP Query (S): Transfer Structure for Gen. Definitions
AQALVSTR SAP Query: ALVTREEs Field Selection Columns
AQCAQL SAP Query (S): QLCAT Query list catalog
AQCAQU SAP Query (S): QUCAT Query catalog
AQCASG SAP Query (S): SUCAT Catalog for functional areas
AQCLQU SAP Query (S): CLOGQU Query Changes
AQCLSG SAP Query (S): CLOGSG Change history for a functional area
AQDBAN SAP Query (S): DBAN Table of Alias Names
AQDBAR SAP Query (S): DBAR Access References
AQDBBG SAP Query (S): DBBG User Groups
AQDBBN SAP Query (S): DBBN Users/User Groups
AQDBBS SAP Query (S): DBBS User Groups/Functional Areas
AQDBCT SAP Query (S): DBCT Column Headers
AQDBDP SAP Query (S): DBDP Coding Data Retrieving Program
AQDBFF SAP Query (S): DBFF Field Output Options
AQDBFM SAP Query (S): DBFM Formatting Templates
AQDBFR SAP Query (S): DBFR References Short Names
AQDBFT SAP Query (S): DBFT Changed Texts
AQDBGR SAP Query (S): DBGR Control Levels
AQDBIF SAP Query (S): DBIF Application Classes
AQDBJC SAP Query (S): DBJC Table Join (Conditions)
AQDBJT SAP Query (S): DBJT Table Join (Tables)
AQDBLC SAP Query (S): DBLC Code for Local Fields
AQDBLD SAP Query (S): DBLD direct coding for local fields (API)
AQDBLF SAP Query (S): DBLF Local Fields
AQDBLI SAP Query (S): DBLI Line Output Options
AQDBOB SAP Query (S): DBOB Object Key for InfoSet
AQDBOP SAP Query (S): DBOP Query Fields
AQDBOS SAP Query (S): DBOS Selections for Object Key
AQDBPA SAP Query (S): DBPA InfoSet Parameters
AQDBPT SAP Query (S): DBPT Headers and Footers
AQDBRH SAP Query (S): DBRH Ranked List Headers
AQDBRL SAP Query (S): DBRL Ranked List Fields
AQDBSA SAP Query (S): DBSA Field Group Names
AQDBSE SAP Query (S): DBSE Select-Options Query
AQDBSF SAP Query (S): DBSF InfoSet Fields
AQDBSG SAP Query (S): DBSG Logical Database Structure
AQDBSN SAP Query (S): DBSN Short Names
AQDBSQ SAP Query (S): DBSQ Query Selection (Complete)
AQDBVH SAP Query (S): DBVH Statistic Headers
AQDBVS SAP Query (S): DBVS Fields in Statistics
AQDBWR SAP Query (S): DBWR Currency/Unit References
AQDBZC SAP Query (S): DBZC Additional Fields and Additional Codes
AQDBZL SAP Query (S): DBZL Code for Additional Fields and Codes
AQDBZT SAP Query (S): DBZT Additional Tables
AQERROR SAP Query: Error table for checks
AQEXBGNAME SAP Query: Enhanced User Group Name
AQFNLIKE SAP Query (S): LIKE Reference for Field
AQHDBG SAP Query (S): HEADBG Headers for User Groups
AQHDQU SAP Query (S): HEADQU Headers for Queries
AQHDSG SAP Query (S): HEADSG Headers for Functional Areas
AQHPGTXT SAP Query (H): Error Texts for Generation Errors
AQJOINCNFE SAP Query: Join Condition
AQJOINCOND SAP Query: Join Condition
AQJOINFLD SAP Query: Join Table: Fields (Columns of tables)
AQJOINTAB SAP Query: Join Table
AQLIEXTR SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Extractor)
AQLIFIELDS SAP Query (L): Field Names (Internal)
AQLIMODE SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal)
AQLIQID SAP Query (L): Internal Identification of a Query
AQLISHOW SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Presentation)
AQLISSCR SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Selection Screen)
AQLQID SAP Query (L): Complete Identification of a Query
AQP_CMENU SAP Query : Structure for Context Menu
AQP_FCAT SAP Query (S) : Field Catalog for Query Painter
AQP_FIELDS SAP Query (S) : Field Description for Query Painter
AQP_HEADER SAP Query (S) : General Query Painter List Characteristics
AQP_HLINES SAP Query (S) : Query Painter Headers and Footers
AQP_LINES SAP Query (S) : Query Painter line structure
AQP_TR_ITM SAP Query Painter : Transfer structure tree update item
AQP_TREE SAP Query (P) : Structur for Tree Control
AQP_TSTRUC SAP Query (S): Query Painter field structure
AQRT_HTEXT SAP Query : Short texts for Queries (Transfer str. in AQRT)
AQRT_SPRAS SAP Query : Transfer structure for languages in AQRT
AQS_F4C70 SAP Query: F4 help selection
AQS_SEARCH SAP Query: Search Pattern for Field Search
AQS_TRITEM SAP Query, Tree item
AQS_TRUITE SAP Query, Tree item (for changes)
AQSFQUNAME SAP Query (S): Completed Query Name
AQSJOINC SAP Query: Join Condition
AQSRESULT SAP Query (S): Results List InfoSet Search
AQTXBG SAP Query (S): BGTEXT Text Pool for User Groups
AQTXQU SAP Query (S): QUTEXT Text Pool for Queries
AQTXQUTI SAP Query (S): Title Text for Queries
AQTXSG SAP Query (S): SGTEXT Text Pool for Functional Areas
AQTXSGTI SAP Query (S): Title Text for InfoSets
AQXINTI Additional SAP Query functions - internal represention
RS38E SAP Query: Screens for Transaction SQ07
RS38P SAP Query : Query Painter screen fields
RS38Q SAP Query: Screen Fields for Transactions SQ02 and SQ09
RS38R SAP Query: Screen Fields for Transactions SQ00 and SQ01
RS38S SAP Query: Screen Fields for Transaction SQ03
RSAQABC SAP Query (L): ABC Analysis
RSAQDOWN SAP Query (L): Query Data Download
RSAQFCAT SAP Query (L): Functional area catalog (technical)
RSAQFNAME SAP Query (L): Field name
RSAQFPAIRS SAP Query (L): Amount/Unit Pairs
RSAQFSNAME SAP Query (L): Sort field name
RSAQFUNIT SAP Query (L): Reference Units in Statistics/Ranked Lists
RSAQGLOBAL SAP Query: Global Settings
RSAQGRAF SAP Query (L): Graphic Connection
RSAQLDATA SAP Query (L): Data line for download to memory
RSAQLDCLUS SAP Query (L): Field Description for Lists (Cluster)
RSAQLDESC SAP Query (L): Field Description for Lists
RSAQLETTER SAP Query (L): Form Letter Processing
RSAQQCAT SAP Query (L): Query catalog (technical)
RSAQQLID SAP Query (L): ID for Saved Query List
RSAQRFCAT SAP Query (L): Functional area catalog
RSAQRFLIST SAP Query (L): Functional area field list
RSAQRGLIST SAP Query (L): List of functional group texts
RSAQRQCAT SAP Query (L): Query catalog
RSAQRQCCAT SAP Query (L): Executable queries with variants
RSAQRQLIST SAP Query (L): Field list of a query (technical)
RSAQRUCAT SAP Query (L): User group catalog
RSAQSCOM SAP Query: System Components
RSAQSPNAME SAP Query (L): Parameter / Select-Option name
RSAQTEXT SAP Query (L): Word Processing
RSAQTNAME SAP Query (L): Table Name
RSAQUCAT SAP Query (L): User group catalog (technical)
RSAQUSER SAP Query: Settings Per User
RSAQUSRIS SAP Query(S): User Settings InfoSet Maintenance
STEXC_DE Text ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element
STEXC_DOM Text ID: Exception Definition using Domains
STEXC_FLD Text ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field
TEXC_BASE Text Recognition: General Structure for Exception Definiton


The package SQUE contains 77 programs.

DEMO_LIST_DRAGNDROP_CONTROL Demo program for Drag & Drop on interactive lists. (ABAP-Lists). .
DEMO_LIST_DRAGNDROP_CONTROL2 Demo program for Drag & Drop on interactive lists. (ABAP-Lists). .
RS_CHECK_TXID_EXCEPTIONS Check Exceptions for Text Recognition
RS_TEST_IDENTIFY_TEXT Test Report for Text Recognition
RSAQ_CLEANUP_QUERY_VARIANTS Cleansing report for query variables according to client copy
RSAQ_DEL_QUERY_PROT InfoSet Query - Deleting log entries
RSAQ_ISET_TEXTCOMPL Completion of Lost Texts for an InfoSet
RSAQ_JOIN_EVALUATION Join Test Tool: Evaluation
RSAQ_LAYOUT_CONVERT Conversion of SAP Query Layouts
RSAQ_REPAIR_FIELDGROUP_SPACE Repair program: Assign 'lost fields' to a field group
RSAQ_REPAIR_LAYOUT_VARIANTS Repair of layout variants for SAP query
RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINISTRATION SAP Query: Role administration
RSAQ_WEBRELEASE SAP Query: Administration for Web Reporting
RSAQABGL InfoSet Comparison in Target System for Transports
RSAQAQQV Enhancement of Transport Object AQQV
RSAQCHGN SAP Query: Objects Check
RSAQCONVPN Program RSAQCONVPN: Converting Old in New Report Names
RSAQCOPY SAP Query: Special Copy Functions
RSAQDBSE Correction DBSE for duplicated names
RSAQDEL0 Directory of Queries
RSAQDEL2 Delete Functional Areas and Queries (Physically) from AQDB
RSAQDELETE_BLANK_FA Deletes InfoSets without names from the database
RSAQDUMP Display Internal Data of Query Objects
RSAQDVP_TEMPLATE Template for integrated data reading program
RSAQEXT_TO_INT_PROG SAP Query: Integrates External Data Reading Program in an InfoSet
RSAQFADE Correction for decimal places in supplement fields
RSAQGDES Translate Generation Description
RSAQGDESN Translate Generation Description
RSAQJOINCUT Analysis Tool: Joins - Minimizes Query Report
RSAQLOUT Layout Display
RSAQPBAS ABAP Query: Trash administration
RSAQPDMP Query Painter internal data display
RSAQQABG Compare Query and InfoSet
RSAQQCAT Catalog reconstruction
RSAQQLIS Display saved query lists
RSAQQLRE Directory of Saved Lists
RSAQR3TR SAP Query: Transport tool
RSAQR3TR_OLD SAP Query: Transport tool
RSAQRESETTXT Text Buffer Reset for an InfoSet
RSAQSELDUMMY SAP Query: Saving Variants with InfoSet Query
RSAQSHBG Description of a User Group
RSAQSHQU Query Description
RSAQSTDTXT Reconstruction of Standard Texts for an InfoSet
RSAQTEXTCORR SAP Query: Correction of text field names
RSAQTMPL Report for manipulating HTML templates
RSAQTRANSLHTMPL SAP Query: Report for automatic HTML template translation
RSAQUM40 Conversion of query objects for Release 4.0
RSAQUM4V Query variant conversion for Release 4.0
RSAQUMBG Rename User Group
RSAQUMQU Rename query
RSAQUMSG Rename Functional Area
RSAQUSGR Directory of Users and User Groups
RSBQDUMP Display internal data of query objects (old version)
RSBQSHSG SAP Query: Help Report for Dump Display
SAP_QUERY_AD_HOC Call SAP Query for ad hoc Reporting
SAP_QUERY_AD_HOC_ROLE Role Call-up SAP Query for Ad Hoc Reporting
SAP_QUERY_DEMO_TRANSFER_1 Demo program for writing files with the help of the SAP query
SAP_QUERY_DEVELOPMENT SAP Query Call-up for Development
SAP_QUERY_DEVELOPMENT_ROLE Role Call-up SAP Query for Development
SAP_QUERY_SQ01 Call SAP Query using SQ01
SAP_QUERY_SQ02 Call InfoSet maintenance
SAP_QUERY_SQ03 Call maintenance for user groups
SAPMS38O Maintain InfoSets
SAPMS38P Language Comparison of Query Objects
SAPMS38R Maintain queries
SAPMS38S Maintain User Groups
SAPMS38U ABAP Query: Additional function maintenance

Search Helps

The package SQUE contains 5 search helps.

AQ_DD_TABSTRUC Search help: Tables and structures
AQ_FUNCAREA SAP Query: Search help for InfoSets
AQHTMLRAW_F4 SAP Query: Search help template ID HTML templates (raw data)
AQHTMLTMPL_F4 Search help template ID HTML templates, SAP Query
SH_SECU Search Help for Authorization Group

Message Classes

The package SQUE contains 5 message classes.

AQ Nachrichtentexte für SAP Query
AQ_AD_HOC SAP Query: Nachrichten der Ad Hoc Query
AQ_RSQBW SAP Query: Kopie der Nachrichtenklasse RSUQ aus BW2.0 System
AQQV SAP Query & QuickViewer
AQV Nachrichtentexte für SAP Query

Authorization Objects

The package SQUE contains 1 authorization objects.

S_QUERY Authorization for SAP Query