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Technical Information

Package SQADB
Short Text Question and Answer Database
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SQADB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SQADB contains 15 function groups.

SQA_TC Table Control Modules
SQADB00 General SQADB data definition
SQADB01 Question Write/Read Modules
SQADB02 Question Maintenance Interface
SQADB02A Question maintenance
SQADB03 Check Modules
SQADB04 Maintain Configuration Groups
SQADB05 Config. Group Write/Read Modules
SQADB06 Answer Write/Read Modules
SQADB07 QADB Answer Dialog
SQADB08 CI Templates
SQADB99 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SQADBPOP Question Repository Popups
SQAREV SAP Review Program Authoring Environment
SQAREV_DOWN Download for SAP Review Program


The package SQADB contains 12 transactions.

SKNF Maintain Configuration Groups
SKNF_SINGLE Maintain Configuration Groups
SQADB01 Maintain Questions for QADB
SQADB01B Maint. Questions for QADB Industries
SQADOKU Maintain Documents for Review
SQASUBJECT Maintain Subject Areas for Review
SQATOPIC Maintain Topics for Review
SQCIT Maintain CI Templates
SREV Review Authoring Environment
SREV01 Review Authoring Environment
SREVIEW Review Questions Auth. Environment

Database Tables

The package SQADB contains 40 database tables.

SPERSFCAT Personalization Table for ALV Tree Field Catalog
SPERSFLTR Personalization Table for Filter Values in Review Program
SPERSQADB Personalization Table for Review Question Filter Values
SPERSSORT Personalization Table for ALV Tree Sort Order Tables
SQABRANCH Industry sector values table
SQABRANCHT Industry sector table table
SQACITF CI template project to filter assignment
SQACITOT CI template object type assignment
SQADB01 Questions
SQADB01A Assignment of R/3 Question ID to ASAP ID
SQADB01CAT Assignment of Categories to Questions
SQADB01CON Validity of Questions: +/- sign
SQADB01COV Validity of Questions: Single values
SQADB01DOC Documents for Review Questions
SQADB01REV Additional Attributes for SAP Review Program Questions
SQADB01S Glossary Search Terms for Questions
SQADB01T Question short text
SQADB02CH Decision selections
SQADB02CHT Selection short text
SQADB03CH Decision Question Answers
SQADB04 Reply
SQADB04CH Decision question answers
SQADB04PRO Project - Answer set assignment
SQADBCAT Question Categories
SQADBCATT Category Short Texts
SQADBCON Question Contexts
SQADBCONT Context Short Texts
SQAKONF Question Repository Configuration Groups
SQAKONFC Configuration Group Contents
SQAKONFG Configuration Subgroups
SQAKONFT Configuration Group Texts
SREVDOC Document Classes for SAP Review Program
SREVDOCT Text Table for Document Classes for the SAP Review Program
SREVSUBC Focus Elements (Subcategories) for SAP Review Program
SREVSUBCT Text Table for SAP Review Program Focus Elements
SREVTOP Topic (Category) for SAP Review Program
SREVTOPT Text Table for SAP Review Program Topic (Category)
TNODEREV Structure Item Table for Review Structures
TNODEREVR References for Review Structures
TNODEREVT Structure Item Descriptions for Review Structures


The package SQADB contains 8 views.

SQABRANCHV View of Industries
SQADB01V Questions with Texts (SQADB01/SQADB01T)
SQADB02CHV Possible selections with texts
SQADBCATV Categories with Language-Dependent Names
SQADBCONTV Defined Contexts with Short Text
SQADBCONV Validity of questions in particular contexts
SQADBREV_V Questions for SAP Review Program
SQAKONFV Configuration groups with texts


The package SQADB contains 56 structures.

SCHOICE_S Answer dialog possible selections
SHIER_DRAG Drag & Drop Information for Structure Items
SQA01CATT Questions with long text categories
SQA01CON_S Question validity structure (including values)
SQA01CONT Question validity assignment
SQA01DOCT Questions with long text categories
SQA02CH_S Possible selection type definition
SQA03CH_S Reaction screen structure
SQAADDON_S Industry-specific parameters
SQACATT Question with text without language key category
SQACH_S Answer dialog answer selection
SQACHLIST sqadb02_get_field_values interface
SQACHRB Answer reaction radio button structure
SQACONT Structure for contexts with text and radio buttons w/o LANGU
SQACONV_S Structure for Value List for Validity with Selection Field
SQACONVBS Industry validity value list with selection field structure
SQACONVLS Country validity value list with selection field structure
SQACONVS Value list with selection field w/o key fields structure
SQADB_DOC Key for Text ID 0001: Question Documentation
SQADB_FCT Table Rows with F-codes
SQADB_POSS Possible Answers
SQADB01_S Question Maintenance Type Definition
SQADB01ST Question and Search Term Structure
SQADB03_S Structure for Responses with Radio Buttons
SQADB04_S Dialog answer structure
SQADB04E Answers (external with project or template ID)
SQADB04ENQ Structure for Lock Object
SQADBER Error Table Structure in Question Repository
SQADBREV_S Structure for Review Questions
SQADBTC Table control encapsulation info data
SQADYNNR Question Repository Screen Sequence Control
SQAKNFDB_S Question Repository Configuration Group
SQAKONF_S Configuration Group Maintenance Dialog Structure
SQAKONFG_S Dialog Configuration Group
SQALEN_S Table control field length structure
SQARB_S Structure for Screen Fields with Calculated Values
SQARBVALBS Selection Field and Industry Sector VALIDITY RADIO BUTTONS
SQAREA_S Reaction or configuration group object list
SQAREV01_S Questions with Review Attributes and IDs
SQATERM_S Search Terms in Question Structure
SQAUSER Creator/Changer Data Include Structure
SQAVAL_S sqadb03_check_value interface
SQAVALSTAT List of Modelling Status Values
SQAVERS_S Question Versions Parameters
SQAVERW_S Management Data Structure
SQAVISCOL Visible Columns in SQADB04 TC_1200
SREFCOLUMN Assignment of Tree Column to Ref_Type
SREV_PARAM Parameters for Review Structures
SREVDOWN Interface for Review Download
SREVFCAT Extract from ALV Field Catalog for Personalization
SREVINCL Additional Question Attributes for the SAP Review Program
SREVSET Settings for Personalization in SAP Review Program
SREVSUBC_S Value List with Checkboxes for Review Subcategories
SREVTOP_S Value List with Checkboxes for Review Topics


The package SQADB contains 4 programs.

RSQADBATTR Migration of countries and industry attributes for Questions
SQADB_REFERENCES_CREATE Update Structure Item References for CATTs and Transactions

Search Helps

The package SQADB contains 5 search helps.

S_ADDON Industry sector search help
S_CATRY Simple question category search help
S_F4_CONFOBJT Configuration group object type search help
S_KONF Configuration group search help
S_QUEST Question search help

Message Classes

The package SQADB contains 1 message classes.

SQADB Nachrichten für Fragen- und Antwortendatenbank