SAP Package SPI8

Central: Monitoring Administration

Technical Information

Package SPI8
Short Text Central: Monitoring Administration
Parent Package SPI

Package Contents

The package SPI8 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPI8 contains 3 function groups.

REORG_ADMIN Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SPI_ADMDATASUP2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SPI_SELFMON PMI Self-Monitoring Function Modules


The package SPI8 contains 2 transactions.

SPIA PMI Administration
SPIP PMI: Self-Monitoring Logs

Database Tables

The package SPI8 contains 20 database tables.

SSPIADMAS Administration Table for Assembler Runs
SSPIADMDATASUP2 Administration Table for PMI Data Supplier
SSPIADMREORG Administration Table for Reorganizations
SSPIADMTR1 BPT: Server-Destination Assignment (Central)
SSPIADMTR2 PMI: Status Table for Transport Jobs (Central)
SSPIADMTRANS BPT: Status Table for Transport Jobs (Central)
SSPIAUTHGROUP Authorization Groups for Process Types
SSPIAUTHGROUP_T Texts for Authorization Groups for Process Types
SSPIAUTHGROUPMAP Authorization Groups for Process Types
SSPILSADM BPT: Status Table for Transport Jobs (Central)
SSPIMOALERTS PMI: Self-Monitoring, Table of Triggered Alerts
SSPIMOATMSCTAB PMI: Table of Message Attributes in Monitoring Architecture
SSPIMOATPERFTAB PMI: Table of Performance Attributes in Monitoring Arch.
SSPIMODSSTOR PMI: Database Tables and Sizes
SSPIPA SPI: Administration Table for Active Process
SSPIPADET Process Details
SSPIPSDEST Process Step Destinations
SSPIRGLEVEL PMI: Aggregration Levels for Process Reorganization
SSPIRGPADM PMI: Administration Table for Reorganization
SSPIRGTZONE PMI: Time Zone for Cumulation for Process Type/Group


The package SPI8 contains 1 views.

VSPIPDADM Process Step Signature and Process Administration


The package SPI8 contains 36 structures.

SSPIADMDATASUP2INC Structure for Service Attributes of PMI-CCMS Connection
SSPIAGSIGN Structure Nesting for Signature
SSPIAGSIGNSYST Agent Signature with System Agent Information
SSPIALTMSG Alert Message
SSPIASCALL Call Parameter for Assembler
SSPIAUTHGROUPT Authorization Group with Description
SSPICLIENTTRGUID Structure with Client-Specific Tracking GUID
SSPIDSTIME Structure for Calculating Time Interval
SSPIFREQ Duration of Period in Days/Hours/Minutes
SSPIMOATMSC PMI: Properties of Message Attributes in Monitoring Arch.
SSPIMOATPERF PMI: Performance Attribute Properties in Monitoring Arch.
SSPIMOBALHDR PMI: Key for Application Log Header Table
SSPIMOCDAL SPI: Structure of Cumulated Alert Messages (SPIS)
SSPIMOCRERR PMI: Error Message when Creating CCMS Attributes
SSPIMONATTRCPROP PMI MO: General Properties of Monitoring Attribute
SSPIMONATTRKEY PMI MO: Key Type for Table of Monitoring Attributes
SSPIMONATTRMSCPROP PMI MO: Properties of T100 Attribute
SSPIMONATTRNODE PMI MO: Structure with Node Information for Mon. Attribute
SSPIMONATTRPERFPROP PMI MO: Properties of Performance Attribute
SSPIMOPROCS PMI: Self-Monitoring Processes for Checking
SSPIMSGETR Message Entry
SSPIPRCSGL Structure for Singleton in CL_SPI_SELF_MONITOR
SSPIPRFETR SPI: Performance Entry
SSPIPROCATT Structure for Attribute IDs of Process
SSPIPROCDEST SPI: Process and Steps of Destination (Transport Log)
SSPIPRSTEPSYST Step ID with System Agent Information
SSPIRCCALL Call Parameters for Central Store Reorganizations
SSPIREORGANISATIONRUN Mapping Between Process Type and Reorg. Runtime Object
SSPIRGDELETES Expiry Times for Reorganization (Short Form)
SSPIRGTINTERVAL Aggregration Time Intervals
SSPIRPCALL Call Parameters for Process Store Reorganization
SSPISPAD Process Details (Orientation Values)
SSPISPADA Process Orientation Values for Assembler
SSPISPADR Process Orientation Values for Reorganization
SSPITOOLCONDENSE Structure for Cumulation
SSPITRCALL Call Parameter for Assembler


The package SPI8 contains 21 programs.

SPI_ADM_CU SPI: Maintain Administration
SPI_ADM_DELETE Deletes Administration Data for Processes
SPI_ADM_DEST SPI: Maintain Administration - Local Destinations
SPI_ADM_INITIATE Creates Administrative Date for (New) Processes
SPI_PROTOCOL_SHOW_ALL PMI: Displaying the Logs (Application Log)
SPI_REORGANISATION_AS PMI: Process-Typical Deletion - Aggregation & Process & Central Store
SPI_REORGANISATION_CCMS PMI: Reorganisation of the CCMS Connection
SPI_REORGANISATION_CS PMI: Reorganization of the Central Store
SPI_REORGANISATION_PS PMI: Reorganization of the Process Store
SPI_REORGANISATION_SHOW PMI: Displaying Reorganization Logs
SPI_SELF_MONITOR_TEST SPI: Testing the Self-Monitor API
SPI_SELFMON_DS_AGENT_CONFIG PMI: CCMS Data Supplier for Monitoring Agent Configuration
SPI_SELFMON_DS_PROCAJOB_ACTIVE SPI: CCMS Data Supplier for Monitoring the Monitoring- and Job Status
SPI_SELFMON_DS_STORAGE SPI: CCMS Data Supplier for Monitoring the PMI Application Tables
SPI_SELFMON_REORG_PROTOCOLS PMI: Reorganization of Self-Monitor Logs & Messages
SPI_SHOW_SERVER_DATA SPI: Display Server Data for Transport
SPI_UPDATE_PSDEST_SYSID Enter System ID in Step Destination Table
SPI_VERI_REORGANISATION Write Tracking Records for Verification Process

Message Classes

The package SPI8 contains 1 message classes.

SPI8 Monitoring-Administration

Authorization Objects

The package SPI8 contains 1 authorization objects.

S_SPI_AUTH PMI: Authorization for Technical Process Monitoring