SAP Package SPI1

Central Runtime Data Store

Technical Information

Package SPI1
Short Text Central Runtime Data Store
Parent Package SPI

Package Contents

The package SPI1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SPI1 contains 4 database tables.

SSPICSPRHD SPI: Assembled Process Instances
SSPICSPRST SPI: Steps of Assembled Process Instances
SSPICSTRHEAD SPI: Central Store Tracking Records Header
SSPICSTRPL SPI: Payload Tracking Record


The package SPI1 contains 4 views.

VSPICSPRPL SPI Central: Connection Between Process and Payload Data
VSPICSPRTR SPI: Process Instances, Tracking Records
VSPICSSTPL View Payload of Step
VSPICSTR SPI Central: Tracking Records, Header, and Payload


The package SPI1 contains 1 programs.

SPI_CS_COLLECT SPI: Collect Data from Local Folders

Message Classes

The package SPI1 contains 1 message classes.

SPI1 SPI: Nachrichten im Central Store