SAP Package SPHO

SAPphone: Telephone Integration in R/3

Technical Information

Package SPHO
Short Text SAPphone: Telephone Integration in R/3
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SPHO is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPHO contains 10 function groups.

PHOA SAPphone: Administration
PHOB SAPphone: New Administration
PHOC SAPphone: Telephone number conversion
PHOD SAPphone: Administration: Data Handling
PHOH SAPphone: Help functions
PHOI SAPphone: Incoming calls
PHON SAPphone: Outbound Calls
PHOS SAPphone: Softphone
PHOT SAPphone: Trace
PHOV SAPphone: View/table maint. generated


The package SPHO contains 14 transactions.

SPH1 Create and maintain telephony server
SPH2 Maintain outgoing number change
SPH3 Maintain incoming number change
SPH4 Activ./deactiv. telephony in system
SPH5 Define Address Data Areas
SPH6 Language-dependent server descrip.
SPH7 Language-dep. addr. data area texts
SPHA Telephony administration
SPHB SAPphone: System Administration
SPHD SAPphone: Own telephone number
SPHS SAPphone: Interface for Telephone
SPHSREMOTE Start Softphone remote
SPHT SAPphone Test Environment
SPHW Initiate Call in Web Applications

Database Tables

The package SPHO contains 19 database tables.

SPH_AGREXT SAPphone: Numbers of Authorization Groups
SPH_AGRKYS SAPphone: Internal Key for Authorization Groups
SPH_AGRUSR SAPphone: Users of Authorization Groups
SPH_ATIC SAPphone: Address data areas for incoming caller search
SPH_ATICT SAPphone: Address data areas - Text table for SPH_ATIC
SPH_DEFLCT SAPphone: Language-dependent texts for SPH_DEFLEC
SPH_EXTNSN SAPphone: Extensions per Work Center
SPH_IDMETH SAPphone: Identification Methods for Work Center Settings
SPH_PCTONO SAPphone: Work center settings
SPH_SERVER SAPphone: Telephony server settings
SPH_SERVT SAPphone: Telephony server - Text table for SPH_SERVER
SPH_SITES SAPphone: Site Attributes
SPH_STEAGR SAPphone: Authorization Groups of Sites
SPH_STEEXC SAPphone: F_ALLOTHNO=(' ') X =>For All (Non)Allowed Numbers
SPH_STESRV SAPphone: Server in Sites
SPH_TELUSR SAPphone: User settings
SPH_TERMNL SAPphone: Work center settings
SPH_USNOLI SAPphone: Telephone number list for each user
SPH_USTOAT SAPphone: Assign address data areas to user


The package SPHO contains 4 views.

V_SPH_ATIC SAPphone: Maintenance view address data areas w/functions
V_SPH_SERV SAPphone: Telephony server attributes
V_SPH_SRVT SAPphone: Texts for telephony server
V_SPHATICT SAPphone: Description of address data areas


The package SPHO contains 34 structures.

SPH_ADROBJ SAPphone: Addresses and owner objects
SPH_APPLIC SAPphone: Structure for tasks with description and flag
SPH_ATICTX SAPphone: Address data areas with description
SPH_CALL SAPphone: Call data
SPH_CALLER SAPphone: Caller data
SPH_DYNUSR SAPphone: User settings for screen
SPH_LINEIP SAPphone: Extension, User und IP Address for Gateway
SPH_LINES SAPphone: Connections per server
SPH_OWNTEL SAPphone: Your own telephone numbers
SPH_R3DATA SAPphone: Call data determined in R/3 System
SPH_SERVID SAPphone: ID of telephony server for interface
SPH_SRVAL2 Abbreviated, Character only SPH_SRVALL Structure (Unicode)
SPH_SRVALL SAPphone: Server - all attributes
SPH_STF4HP SAPphone: Statistical Data - Value Help
SPH_STHDRE SAPphone: Statistical Data - Header Structure
SPH_STHDRI SAPphone: Statistical Data - Header Structure
SPH_STHDRM SAPphone: Statistical Data - Header Structure with Marker
SPH_STSLCR SAPphone: Statistical Data - Selection Criteria
SPH_STSTPE SAPphone: Statistical Data - External Connection Step Struct
SPH_STSTPI SAPphone: Statistical Data - Internal Connection Step Struct
SPH_STSTPM SAPphone: Statistical Data - Step Structure with Marker
SPH_SYSRET SAPphone: System information for calls
SPH_TCSTAT SAPphone: Call Overview for all the DNs of a Work Center
SPH_TELKEY SAPphone: Key information for initiating call
SPH_TELNO SAPphone: Telephone numbers with name and description
SPH_TERM SAPphone: User-specific settings
SPH_USRDAT SAPphone: User-specific settings
SPHADDRESS SAPphone: Type and Content of Address
SPHBEXTNSN SAPphone Internal: Structure for Extenstion Tables
SPHBUSER SAPphone Internal: Structure for User Tables
SPHFIELDS Structure for transferring field names and values
SPHOPTIONS SAPphone: Structure of options for handling incoming calls
TSKCS SAPphone: call state information table
TSKDC SAPphone: Line device capabilities


The package SPHO contains 19 programs.

RSPHADMN SAPphone: System administration
RSPHCHIN SAPphone: Report for logging steps for incoming call
RSPHCNST SAPphone: Consistency check
RSPHCNTR Set Use of SAPphone Control
RSPHGCTI SAPphone: Set global CTI flag
RSPHITS1 SAPphone: Initiate call from ITS
RSPHQTRM SAPphone: Select list of work centers
RSPHQUSR SAPphone: Select list of user settings
RSPHSOFT SAPphone: Start softphone
RSPHSPHD SAPphone: Own settings
RSPHTDRH SAPphone: Help for transferring terminal settings from 4.0C
RSPHTERM SAPphone: Select list of work centers
RSPHUSER SAPphone: Select list of processors
RSPHXPR2 SAPphone: Data transfer for more DN support from 4.6A to 4.6B
RSPHXPR3 SAPphone: Conversion to sites in 4.6C
RSPHXPR4 SAPphone: Conversion to Sites in 4.6C
RSPHXTR1 XPRA report 3.1H-> for conversion of SAPphone user data
RSSTATTST Statistics Server Test Report

Message Classes

The package SPHO contains 2 message classes.

BCOMEC Business Communication: Meldungen externer Komponenten
T5 SAPphone: Nachrichten für Telephony