SAP Package SPH1

SAPphone Call Center Enhancement

Technical Information

Package SPH1
Short Text SAPphone Call Center Enhancement
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SPH1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPH1 contains 5 function groups.

PH1C Functions for Call Attached Data
PH1D Telephone functions with dialog
PH1F Telephone functions
PH1S Test Server: Telephone Functions
PH1STATISTICS Statistics Functions

Database Tables

The package SPH1 contains 3 database tables.

SPH_DEFLEC SAPphone: Permitted numbers for deflect
SPH_DEFLGP SAPphone: Language-dependent texts for SPH_DEFLGR
SPH_DEFLGR SAPphone: Deflect groups


The package SPH1 contains 9 structures.

SPH_CINFO SAPphone: Call information
SPH_CSTATE SAPphone: Call status
SPH_IOBJ SAPphone: Information object
SPH_IOCONT SAPphone: Container for information object
SPH_IODESC SAPphone: Indicator for information object
SPH_IODIR SAPphone: Information object directory
SPH_QUEUES SAPphone: List of Queues
SPH_STRFLD SAPphone: Structure field with value
SPH_UIODIR SAPphone: Unique info object directory


The package SPH1 contains 4 programs.

RSPHMSG1 SAPphone: 1. Display error message
RSPHMSG2 SAPphone: 2. Display error message
RSPHMSG3 SAPphone: 3. Display error message
RSPHMSG4 SAPphone: 4. Display error message